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Visit These Boston Neighborhoods for Their Parks

//Visit These Boston Neighborhoods for Their Parks

Boston boasts an impressive 350 local parks, with each one offering quite the distinct experience. From zip lines and climbing frames to slides and baseball fields, here are some of the very best neighborhood parks in Boston.

Hemenway Park, Dorchester
Hemenway Park in Dorchester is always popular with children, and this is largely due to their double embankment slide, which features a colorful climbing wall along one side to help them to get back up to the top after they have slid down. In addition to their famous slide, this park is also home to climbing structures, for kids of all ages, as well as swings and a baseball field, making it the perfect spot to spend a leisurely afternoon.

Jackson Square Park, Jamaica Plain
Just a short walk away from the Orange Line Jackson Square Station, Jackson Square Park has everything from swings to a baseball court, but it is their spectacular climbing structure that really sets them apart. A large orange playground that snakes its way around the park, featuring multiple levels, the climbing structure even contains two long zip lines, which never fails to entertain the children.

Paris Street Playground, East Boston
Paris Street Playground has so much for children to do. Not only do they have a large climbing structure, a basketball court and a splash pad, but they also boast the longest hopscotch board in the city, as well as a painted maze that you can work your way through. This is a park that also has a very useful high-tech feature, in the form of USB solar-charged benches, which you can plug your phone or any other device into. The entire park makes use of this solar theme, with everything from shooting stars on the fences to painted twinkling stars on the ground.

Sweeney Park, South Boston
Just like many other Boston neighborhood parks, Sweeney Park has its standard set of swings, as well as a basketball court, but really stands out with its rope course. All of the rope structures are interconnected, meaning that you, as well as your children, can work your way from one end to the other without having to get off. While some of the structures are easy to climb, others are much more challenging, making it fun for all ages.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino Park, Charlestown
For those seeking out an inclusive, wheelchair-friendly playground, then the Mayor Thomas M. Menino Park is where you should go. In addition to their wheelchair-accessible merry-go-round, which is quite rare in the city, the park also contains a wheelchair swing, ensuring that everybody feels included. In addition to this, the park is home to a range of slides and climbing equipment, as well as a four-person seesaw.

While Boston may have hundreds of neighborhood parks to choose from, there are a few that really stand out from the crowd. From the high-tech features of the Paris Street Playground to the wheelchair-accessible fun at Mayor Thomas M. Menino Park, these spots will definitely provide hours of entertainment for you and your kids.

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