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OROGOLD Examines Vegas Off the Beaten Path Attractions – ORO GOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD Examines Vegas Off the Beaten Path Attractions – ORO GOLD Reviews

The neon sights have simply become bigger and brighter over the years. And those out-of-the-world casinos have become even more exotic, larger than life and luxurious. Yes, Las Vegas has truly set standards when it comes to offering its guests with entertainment and shattered those standards time and again. No wonder, the Entertainment Capital of the World has always been famous for the glitz and glamour, exotic casinos and mammoth theme hotels that it has to offer. But, the city is so much more than the ever so famous Las Vegas Strip. In fact, the larger than life images make most tourists ignore some of the true gems that are hidden away in the city, places that must be explored while on a trip to Vegas. Make sure that you have a blast enjoying those lavish buffets and magnificent Cirque du Soleil shows, but don’t forget to check out some of the Off the Beaten Path Attractions in Las Vegas.

Arts District 18b

If you have the privilege of being in Vegas during the First Friday of the month, don’t forget to take a trip to the Arts District 18b, the arts center in Las Vegas. The area is home to numerous bars, galleries and shops and it is full of displays and exhibits created by local artists during the first Friday of every month.

Neon Museum

Despite being immensely popular, many tourists don’t take out the time to check out the beauties that this unique museum has to offer. This open air museum is full of the “Las Vegas that was”. You can find some of the most epic neon signs in Las Vegas history such as Stardust, El Cortez and Slipper basking in their former glory at this outdoor lot. Learning about the history of the city of sin and checking out Vegas from an entirely unique perspective can prove to be quite exciting and exhilarating should you take out the time and effort to visit the Neon Museum.


The light experience at Freemont Street, Las VegasExperience the Fremont Street

The Freemont Street is located in Downtown Las Vegas and is famous for offering a vintage form of entertainment to tourists visiting the Sin City. Fremont Street provides an excellent alternative to the Las Vegas Strip and it beautifully preserves its old world vintage environment. This pedestrian walkway is also known to be one of the best party spots in town and it is characterized by a 90 foot canopy that is considered to span the length of 5 football fields.

Springs Preserve

The insanely beautiful Springs Preserve is considered to be one of the most remarkable and yet one of the most understated destinations in Las Vegas. The place is literally dripping with nature. This beautiful interactive center offers tourists with a history of water consumption in the region and showcases mind boggling exhibits such as the flash flood exhibit, the 3D movie theatre that takes you on top of the Hoover Dam while it was being built, a plethora of wetlands and animal habitats and countless exhibition halls containing all sorts of exhibits pertaining to recycling and the environment. The Preserve is also home to beautiful botanical gardens, live exhibits, educational activities and approximately 180 acres of hiking trails that can offer entertainment for the entire family.


View of downtown Las Vegas at nightDowntown Las Vegas

One of the most popular Off the Beaten Path Attractions in Las Vegas is Downtown Las Vegas. Unlike most other downtown areas, the Las Vegas Downtown literally resembles a ghost town. It is often known to provide tourists with a startling experience as the emptiness of the central core of the city is in stark contrast to the surreal images found on the Las Vegas Strip.  This fascinating urban landscape is an ideal place to check out for anyone wanting to check out what Las Vegas looked like before it was commercialized and glamorized.


Hoover DamHoover Dam

The world famous Hoover Dam is also located quite close to Vegas. It offers visitors with guided tours, historical tours of the dam, opportunities to walk across the dam and mesmerizing photo clicking opportunities. The place is considered to be a “must see” for all history buffs visiting Las Vegas.


Mount Charleston

With an elevation of approximately 12,000 feet, Mount Charleston is considered to be an extremely popular summer getaway for the people of Las Vegas. It is an ideal place for hiking and the 10.3 mile hike to the summit is considered to be extremely beautiful and picturesque.

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