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Van Gogh Museum

//Van Gogh Museum

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With the largest collection of works by the most popular artist in the world, Vincent Van Gogh, it is no surprise that Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum is one of the most visited museums in the city. From exciting temporary exhibitions to inspiring gallery talks, these are some of the highlights that every visitor to the museum will enjoy.

Van Gogh’s Art
The Van Gogh Museum’s permanent collection has been recently redesigned, enabling visitors to now feel as though they are stepping directly into Van Gogh’s world, immersing themselves in his ideas, art and life. Even those who are not too familiar with Van Gogh will recognize many of the pieces that line the walls, from Sunflowers, which he created in 1989, to Almond Blossom from 1890, to the Potato Eaters of 1885. You will also find some of Van Gogh’s famous self portraits, which give a remarkable insight into the way in which the artist saw himself.

Feel the Sunflowers
Sunflowers is one of Van Gogh’s most well-known pieces, and the museum now has a dedicated section to it, titled Relievo of the Sunflowers, in which those that are visually impaired can also experience the beauty of this work of art. While touching the painting and feeling each and every brush stroke made, visitors will also be listening to a piece of music created specifically for the painting, as well as smelling the scent of fresh sunflowers, resulting in a sensory experience like no other.

Van Gogh’s Life
While Van Gogh’s art may be what he is most known for, admirers of Van Gogh want to know more about the man himself, and this is why the museum’s permanent collection also displays a variety of objects that relate to the artist’s personal life. Van Gogh’s drawings and letters are also displayed alongside his art, making the museum one that, for the first time, tells the complete story of the artist.

Gallery Talks
For those who want t learn more about the artist, gaining an in-depth insight into his life, the weekly gallery talks at the Van Gogh museum are well worth attending. These talks last for about half an hour, and, with a specific topic set each month, a few related paintings will be thoroughly explored. From Brotherly Love to Color to Friendship, no matter which themed talk you attend, you are bound to come away feeling exhilarated and inspired.

Friday Nights
For those who have tired of Amsterdam’s bar scene, and would much rather spend a Friday evening sipping on elegant cocktails while surrounded by beautiful art, the Van Gogh Museum has introduced their Friday Night events. With ambient tracks played by the museum’s resident DJ, a cocktail bar, VJ’s providing exquisite visuals, and guided tours where you can learn more about the museum’s current exhibitions, this is a great way to kick off any weekend.

One of Van Gogh’s deepest hopes was that he wanted to be able to continuously inspire the world, even after his death. Thanks to the efforts and dedication of Amsterdam’s Van Gogh museum, the general public are able to learn about him in a way like never before, experiencing intriguing insights into the artist’s unique life, and the way in which this shaped his work.

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