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Trips off the Beaten Path

//Trips off the Beaten Path

There are, without a doubt, many top class destinations out there, from London to Tokyo to Sydney, each with their own unique array of unmissable attractions and world-famous landmarks. Whilst these destinations always make for a good vacation spot, there definitely comes a certain joy from taking a trip off the beaten path, and exploring an area that the majority of other travellers do not know about.

Burma is a country that has been significantly untouched by the outside world, and is a land that many tourists have not yet visited. The Burmese people are known to be some of the friendliest in the world, but while this may be the case, the language barrier can often be an issue, which is why organized tours are usually the best way to explore the country. There are some fantastic organized itineraries available for Burma, including activities such as cruises on the Ayeyarwady, taking part in a traditional lamp lighting ceremony, enjoying a home-cooked meal with a local family, and exploring the capital Yangon.


Cartagena, Colombia
While Colombia has been experiencing a year-on-year increase in the number of visitors it receives, it is still not yet considered to be a mainstream destination, giving you the perfect reason to visit the country soon. Whilst Colombia has many areas worth visiting, it is the colonial town of Cartagena that is most likely to take your breath away. Due to the way in which the city has managed to preserve its charming heritage, it is often compared to Havana in Cuba, with sandy beaches, colorful streets, and local boutiques.

Alleppey, India

Alleppey, India
India is extremely diverse, and Alleppey, in the state of Kerala, is a unique area situated on the southwestern coast of the country. The people of Alleppey are hugely dependent on the canals and rivers in the area in order to go about their daily lives, and one of the best ways to enjoy an authentic feel for Alleppey is by renting a houseboat and cruising down the canals for as many days and nights as you would like. The houseboats range from the most basic to the ultimate in luxury, and most of them come with their very own personal chef to create local delights for you to taste each day. As you cruise through the canals, you will experience a first-hand view of what life in the region is like, from the locals taking the water taxis to work each day to the women in their colorful saris tending to their waterfront gardens.

It is always tempting to choose to visit a popular destination when you have the chance to take a vacation, but a trip off the beaten path is likely to bring you more enjoyment and happiness. These destinations are so much more authentic, as they have had limited exposure to the outside world, and you will be able to enjoy a unique first-hand experience of what daily life in that country or city is really like.

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