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Traveling From the U.S to Ontario

//Traveling From the U.S to Ontario

There are many different ways to travel from various parts of the U.S to Ontario, Canada, but there are some that provide a much more enjoyable journey than others. From scenic train journeys to leisurely cruises, these are some of the most memorable ways to travel between the USA and Ontario.

New York City to Toronto by Train
The train service between New York City and Toronto is provided by Amtrak, and is one of the most scenic ways to see some of North America’s most stunning landscapes. The journey lasts for 12 hours, and the train is comfortably decked out with everything from a cafĂ© car to WiFi, as well as a business class carriage for those who want some extra space and comfort. The route, which is one that many aim to take at least once in their lifetime, passes through a few key areas of New York, including Albany, the Hudson Valley, and Buffalo, before entering into Canada at the incredible Niagara Falls, and then traveling alongside Lake Ontario. With extraordinary views for pretty much the entire journey, this is a fantastic way to travel into Ontario while seeing some of North America’s greatest sights along the way.

Great Lakes Tour
North America’s five Great Lakes hold a fifth of the world’s supply of fresh water, and each provide scenic views that are completely unique to their region. For those who are thinking about taking a road trip up to Ontario from the USA, planning your route along the Great Lakes will provide an experience unlike any other. There are numerous attractions situated around these lakes, as well as larger cities, from Toronto to Chicago, promising a multitude of things to do when stopping off along the way. There are many routes that you can take, and, if you only want to see a few of the lakes, one of the most popular ones travels from New York down Lake Ontario, around and up Lake Erie, before heading deeper into Ontario via Lake Huron.

Chicago to Toronto by Boat
Taking a cruise from Chicago to Toronto is a journey that you will never forget, as you will pass by some of the finest scenery in all of North America. Many of the cruises available make use of the waterways provided by the Great Lakes, and while there are several routes to choose from, the package provided by USA River Cruises is one of the best. Beginning in Chicago before doing some scenic sailing in Lake Michigan, you will then head on over to Lake Superior and then the Georgian Bay. After some scenic sailing in Lake Huron, you will pass by the one-of-a-kind Niagara Falls, before disembarking in Toronto. The journey takes ten days in total, and, in addition to touching all five of the Great Lakes, you will also be able to stop off at various ports along the way, taking in the historical and cultural sights at each of these cities, from Detroit to Manitoulin Island.

There are many different ways to travel from the USA to Ontario, and while a quick plane ride may be the best option for those in a hurry, these routes each provide an unforgettable journey. From sailing through the five Great Lakes to taking one of the most scenic train routes in North America, these options give you the opportunity to see parts of the country that you may have otherwise missed.

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