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Traveling by Train

//Traveling by Train

With more flexibility, freedom, and eco-friendliness than other forms of transport, not to mention its old-fashioned charm, traveling by train is a fantastic way to see the world. While your experience may vary depending on where you are, a train journey is, more often than not, a destination within itself, adding a whole new dimension to your journey.

Traveling by Train Through Europe
European rail travel is extremely convenient, as well as easy. Almost every single European city will have a train station, with trains on domestic routes running several times an hour. Most of these train stations are also centrally located, surrounded by hotels, restaurants, shops and everything else that you could desire whilst traveling. A train tour through Western Europe will take you to cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin, whilst a journey through Eastern Europe can show you the sights of Prague, Vienna and Budapest. You could also choose to explore a single country by train, with Italy being a fantastic one to do so, as the trains will take you from Milan and Venice in the north, down to Florence, and finally to Rome and Naples.

Traveling by Train Through the USA
The USA has a fantastic network of railways that will give you some of the most incredible scenic views of America. There are so many different possible itineraries that you can plan, whether it be along a coast or cross-country. A train journey down the East coast will take you to cities such as New York, Philadelphia and Washington, or you could also take in Vermont, New Hampshire and North Conway. Over on the west of the country, scenic Colorado train journeys are extremely popular, as are train journeys to the Grand Canyon. There are also rail tours that can take you through some of the most stunning national parks in the country, such as from Glacier National Park traveling to Yellowstone National Park, or from Bryce Canyon National Park to Zion National Park.

Traveling by Train Through Asia
The experiences that you can have on a train in Asia can vary hugely depending on which country you are in, but there are some train services that do offer the ultimate in luxury travel. The Eastern and Oriental Express is a luxury train that offers a variety of itineraries, with one of their signature journeys taking travelers from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, and then on to the Cameron Highlands and Penang, before taking you along the Gulf of Thailand and coming to an end in Bangkok. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway in India is another popular Asian train journey, so much so that UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site in 1999.

While a train may not have been your first thought when it comes to planning your travels, it should definitely be something that you consider, as it can completely transform your vacation. Whether you travel from coast to coast across America, or take a railway tour of South East Asia, traveling by train will no doubt make your journey an unforgettable one.

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