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Tour Albuquerque for Breaking Bad Scenes

//Tour Albuquerque for Breaking Bad Scenes

Over the past 7 years, television series Breaking Bad has become a popular cult hit, attracting millions of fans from all over the world. As all fans know, the series is filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and it wasn’t long before this hit TV show created a whole new industry in the area – Breaking Bad tourism. Here are some of OROGOLD’s recommendations for touring Albuquerque to find the locations of all of your favorite Breaking Bad scenes. Since Albuquerque is quite spread out, OROGOLD highly advises that you rent a car in order to be able to fully enjoy these locations.

Northeast Heights
Northeast Heights is where some of the most iconic scenes from Breaking Bad were filmed. OROGOLD suggests beginning at the foothills, at Marie and Hank’s house, before working your way over to the car wash and to the White’s house. OROGOLD recommends timing this visit around lunch time, so that you can enjoy a meal at the Savoy Wine Bar and Grill, the same restaurant where Walter White meets Gretchen Schwartz.

The Downtown area of Albuquerque also saw many Breaking Bad scenes being filmed. OROGOLD suggests that you start your Downtown tour at Loyola’s Family Restaurant, which made an appearance in season five, before going to see Walt’s new apartment. From there, you can head over to Gertrude Zachary Jewellery, the same store where Marie shoplifts. Less than two miles away from here is Jesse and Jane’s rental apartment, and if you drive on for a few more miles, you will soon come to the Albuquerque Rail Yards. This is where a number of different scenes were filmed, and many fans also love to see the green stained glass windows that inspired the theme color for the show. Also in the Downtown area is Burt’s Tiki Lounge, the bar where Combo sold meth, the Candy Lady store that sells hard candy that looks like meth, and Jesse Pinkman’s house. If you are going to see Jesse Pinkman’s house, OROGOLD reminds you to be respectful of the residents.

While the majority of scenes were filmed in the city, a few were filmed further out. The sand dunes on which the pivotal scene of Jesse confronting Walt took place can be found just south of the city, as can the Buried Bus Meth Lab, the auto graveyard where the knock-off drugs are produced by Declan’s gang. OROGOLD also recommends checking out the Isleta Casino and Resort, which makes an appearance in three different seasons.

In addition to being able to tour Albuquerque to see these filming locations, Breaking Bad fans can also eat at many of the show’s restaurants, as well as drink at the different inns and bars. If you don’t want to plan out an itinerary for a do-it-yourself tour of Albuquerque, OROGOLD suggests taking a look at some of the many Breaking Bad themed tours of the city, whether it be on a bus, on a bike, or by foot.

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