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Top Travel Trends for 2016

//Top Travel Trends for 2016

While 2015 brought with it a variety of changes within the travel industry, 2016 looks set to be packed with some fantastic innovations. OROGOLD takes a look at some of the top travel trends that are predicted for 2016.

Cloud Passports
Each year, thousands of passports are lost, and this can often cause some serious problems. In an effort to counter this, Australia and New Zealand will be trialling out passport-less travel, with traveler identities, as well as biometric information, being stored on a cloud. The cloud would also be able to store any necessary visas, as well as your flight information, making the travel process much more seamless.

Manmade Nature
Natural beauty, such as the sandy beaches of Hawaii or the Great Barrier Reef, is something that people are willing to travel across the world for, but many destinations will soon have man-made versions of natural beauty to appeal to those same people. From the indoor rainforest in California to the underwater tennis court in Dubai to the tropical Hawaiian beach in Beijing, this trend is set to become even bigger in 2016.

Aircraft Innovations
2015 has paved the way for 2016 to be the year of aircraft innovations. From flight routes to passenger comfort, many airlines are overhauling the ways in which they approach this. Expect to see increased luggage storage capabilities, seating and cabin configurations, and other innovations such as tablet holders and chargers next to your tray tables.

Flying Will Become Even Cheaper
With cheap international airlines popping up across the world, flight prices have already been quite competitive, and OROGOLD expects to see this continue well into 2016. Travel data has shown that ticket prices in January will be at a three-year low, making it a fantastic year to travel to far-off places. However, OROGOLD reminds you that part of the reason that airlines can cut ticket prices so much is because they are now charging separate fees for facilities that used to be free, such as checking in baggage or pre-booking your seat, so be sure to keep this in mind when looking at fares.

Hotel Atlantis.

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Underwater Tourism
Underwater tourism has been increasing in popularity in 2015, and many more underwater attractions are set to open their doors in 2016. From the underwater hotels around the world to the underwater spas in the Maldives, this is a trend that will allow you to get a glimpse of life underwater like never before.

New Luggage Technology
While it may take airlines longer to adapt to their customers’ needs for luggage space, many more travelers are now seeking innovative luggage options. Suitcases that charge electronics on the go are looking to become a huge trend, as are bags with compression technology, allowing users to fit more items into a small space.

2016 will be bringing with it some exciting new travel trends, all of which make travel much more convenient. From ‘smart’ luggage to cloud passports, these trends are all innovative yet practical, and OROGOLD can’t wait to see how they each develop next.

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