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Top May Travel Destinations – OROGOLD Reviews

//Top May Travel Destinations – OROGOLD Reviews

May is an ideal month to travel, as not only does the lack of tourists lead to lower prices, but the warmer weather means that a beach destination is just as reasonable as a city or mountain location. From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, OROGOLD Cosmetics has gathered together some of the top travel destinations for May.

The Mediterranean
May is one of the best times of the year to visit the Mediterranean, as you will be able to enjoy long days with warm sunshine, beaches that are less crowded, and lower prices when it comes to accommodation and flights. Almost everywhere in the Med is a great destination for the month of May, with Greece being especially magical at this time of the year. Ancient ruins, island hopping and delicious Greek cuisine are just some of the things that you can expect. Sicily and Sardinia, two Italian islands, are also gorgeous in May, as is North Cyprus, with its isolated beaches and breathtaking historical sights. For some of the best boutique hotels in the Mediterranean, head for the Aegean coast of Turkey, or to the Spanish islands of Ibiza and Mallorca for some world-class villas.

Exotic beach in the Cayman Islands.

The Caribbean
Since May is low season in the Caribbean, accommodation options that would usually be unaffordable would now be available at quite the bargain. The smaller islands are usually more laid back and low key, and are some of the friendliest parts of the Caribbean. Tobago and Grenada are both beautiful, and the beaches on the Cayman Islands are picture-perfect. If you are travelling with a group of friends, it could make more sense to rent out a Caribbean villa for your stay, rather than hotel rooms, as not only can it often work out cheaper, but you will have much more privacy, and usually your own pool, or even your own stretch of private beach.

The Daigoji Temple in Kyoto, Japan

Although many Asian countries are too hot to fully enjoy in May, there are some where the temperatures are ideal at this time of the year. Borneo has plenty of gorgeous beaches and lush jungles to explore, and is also the place to go for orang-utan watching. For tropical beaches where you can relax under palm trees, head to the Thai island of Koh Samui, or some of the quieter beaches of Malaysia. Temperatures in Japan’s capital, Tokyo, are mild in May, and not only are all of the Japanese gardens in full bloom, but the mountains will also be turning green after their snow-filled winter. Singapore, a cosmopolitan Asian city, is also great to visit in May, before the heat of the summer months, and can provide an exciting and luxurious city break.

With so many fascinating destinations to choose from, it may seem as though the whole world is at your fingertips. However, there are still certain places that you should avoid travelling to in May, such as Egypt, which will be suffering from intense heat waves, and India and Sri Lanka, as they will be entering into their monsoon season, and will have a climate that is extremely hot, sticky and humid.

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