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Three Great Museums to Visit in Seattle

//Three Great Museums to Visit in Seattle

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Home to hundreds of different museums and galleries, Seattle is the perfect city for those who are seeking a dose of culture and history. From the Seattle Art Museum to the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, these are three great museums in Seattle that you definitely will not want to miss.

Seattle Art Museum
The most prestigious museum in the Puget Sound, the Seattle Art Museum is located in the heart of the city, and has an eclectically diverse permanent collection. There are thousands of pieces of art to be viewed within this museum, ranging from ancient times to modern day pieces, with art from all over the world, including Native America and the Mediterranean. While the Seattle Art Museum does have three locations, with the other two being the Olympic Sculpture Park and the Seattle Asian Art Museum, its downtown location is where you will find the most comprehensive collection, so this is the one to visit if you are short on time.

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture
The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture focuses on everything from palaeontology to archaeology to history and geology, and, having been founded in 1885, is the oldest museum in Washington state. The collection here is made up of over 16 million objects that trace the story of planet Earth from its earliest days, with their fossil collection often being one of the highlights for many visitors. In addition to their selection of real dinosaur fossils, the museum also boasts the bones of a sabre tooth tiger and the skeleton of a woolly mammoth, both of which are incredibly impressive. There are also plenty of exhibits here on cultural history, while the temporary exhibits ensure that returning visitors will always have something new to see.

Museum of Flight in Seattle, USA

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The Museum of Flight
The largest independent, non-profit, space and air museum in the world, Seattle’s Museum of Flight is a fascinating one. Humans were dreaming of flying for years, until this finally happened by the Wright brothers in 1903. Over the past century, humans have worked on perfecting their flying technique, and have come on leaps and bounds with this. Located at the south end of the Boeing Field, the Museum of Flight has been open since 1965, and is dedicated to celebrating the flying achievements that humans have accomplished. There are over 175 air and spacecrafts to be viewed here, and they span just about every era of human flight. There is even a SR-71A Blackbird reconnaissance plane here, which is famous for being the highest-flying, and fastest, jet ever to be made. Visitors are able to climb into the cockpit of this plane and take a look at all of its high-tech controls.

Whether you are interested in art, culture, history or technology, you can be sure that Seattle has at least a couple of museums that would appeal to you. However, if you only have a short amount of time to spend in the city, these are the three museums that should definitely make it on your itinerary, as they are some of the city’s highlights.

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