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Take a Camel Ride in Kuwait’s Desert

//Take a Camel Ride in Kuwait’s Desert

When visiting the Middle East, one of the highlights for many is taking a camel ride, as this is a long-standing tradition in the area. For those visiting Kuwait, here are a few of the options that are available when it comes to camel riding.

Desert Safari and Camp
For those who want the ultimate experience, a desert safari is a must-do. There are many organizations that offer this around the country, and each one will provide a package that is slightly different, so it is worth exploring a few before picking one to sign up for. These safari and camp packages will all include transport from the city center, and will take you into the desert, where you will be greeted with a traditional Bedouin camp. In addition to taking a camel ride around the desert, you will also be able to try out a number of other traditional activities, including shisha, kite flying, and taking photographs in traditional costumes.

The Kubd Camel Farm
The Kubd Camel Farm is always popular amongst visitors to Kuwait, as this is where you can go to learn so much about these majestic creatures. The camels that you will see here come in multiple shades of black and brown, and you will be able to get up close and really spend some time with them. The desert setting that the farm is set within is perfect for a camel ride, and you will also have the opportunity to taste fresh camel milk. The majority of visitors tend to enjoy this experience, finding the taste quite unique, while being very rich and creamy. This farm is one of the best spots to visit to see camels interacting in a natural habitat, whether this may be eating and socializing or feeding their young.

Camels in a zoo

The Kuwait Zoo
If you are hoping to see other native Kuwaiti animals, in addition to camels, then the Kuwait Zoo is the place to go. In addition to having plenty of creatures on display, this zoo is also one that places a huge emphasis on conservation and education, and have a breeding center where they breed endangered animals that are native to the country. In addition to taking camel rides here, you can also have a ride on a horse or a donkey, while the train that weaves its way around the grounds is a convenient way to get around, ensuring that you can take in all of the sights of the zoo during your visit.

The Camel Markets
While you may not be able to properly ride a camel at the camel markets around Kuwait, they are still worth visiting for the unique experience alone. These places are where locals buy, sell and trade their camels, and the atmosphere here is always buzzing and vibrant, making this a great opportunity to soak up the ambiance of this culture.

Camels are an important part of the culture in Kuwait and are bred for everything from racing to meat. If you are looking for a memorable, traditional experience, then taking a camel ride in the deserts of Kuwait is a must.

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