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Strolling Through Times Square

//Strolling Through Times Square

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Each and every day, around 370,000 people walk through Times Square. While it may not make for the most relaxing stroll in New York, it is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting.

Times Square Shopping
Times Square is known for its huge array of stores, with most of them carrying an extensive range of products in order to cater to the diverse traffic received. The stores in Times Square are definitely extravagant, from the indoor ferris wheel at Toys ‘R’ Us to the flagship store for Walt Disney World to the themed New York City sweets on sale at Hershey’s Chocolate World. With book and theatre pop-up stores, upscale retailers and trendy boutiques galore, you won’t be able to resist having a browse through some of the many tempting goods on offer.

Times Square Food
Times Square is packed with chain restaurants, but if you dig a little deeper, you will find many of the small, local restaurants that New York is famous for. There are over 100 different restaurants in Times Square, so you really are spoilt for choice when looking for a bite to eat. Carmine’s is known for serving up large, family-sized platters of Italian-American comfort food, while John’s Pizzeria is famous for its coal ovens, and makes some of the best pizzas in the area. Virgil’s is where you will find some of the best barbecues in New York, while Wu Liang Ye is considered to be one of the best Sichuan restaurants in Manhattan. Those of you taking a late night stroll through Times Square should stop off at Sake Bar Hagi, where you will find everything from fresh sushi to grilled meats to a fantastic selection of Japanese beers.

Tourists in Times Square

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People-Watching and Photography
With all of the foot traffic that it experiences, Times Square is a great spot for some people-watching, and creates a vibrant backdrop that even amateur photographers can take advantage of. However, the streets of Times Square are extremely busy, and it is never a good idea to hold up the crowd, so head over to Father Duffy Square, which can be found between 45th and 47th Street. Here you will find huge red bleachers, and this elevated viewpoint is the ideal spot to take in the crowd and snap some unforgettable photos. You will also find that Broadway, along the side of Father Duffy Square, is closed to traffic, making this part of Times Square fantastic for a slower-paced stroll. There is even free Wi-Fi in the area, making it easy for you to post your Times Square selfies as soon as you take them!

With over 42 million visitors a year, Times Square is the most visited tourist attraction in the world, which is why it is often referred to as the Crossroads of the World. A stroll through Times Square is always exhilarating, and it is no surprise that it is here where people most often first fall in love with New York.

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