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Spooky Arizona: Haunted Destinations Worth Visiting

//Spooky Arizona: Haunted Destinations Worth Visiting

The American Southwest is a magical place, and no other state has experienced as many mysteries, paranormal activities and strange happenings as Arizona has. There are some haunted places that have only experienced a small handful of ghostly sightings, but there are others that have had visitors record solid proof of their mystical encounters, none of which can be explained by scientific reasoning. OROGOLD takes a look at some of the haunted destinations in Arizona that are worth visiting.

Bird Cage Theater, Tombstone
The old boomtown of Tombstone has quite the reputation in itself, but the Bird Cage Theatre is known to be the most haunted spot in town. This former saloon, gambling den and brothel has seen plenty of bloodshed, with sixteen different fatal gunfights taking place on the premises throughout history. Today, the Bird Cage Theatre offers daily ghost tours at 8 PM for those aged 18 and over, and many previous guests have reported a variety of apparitions along with ethereal voices and spooky music.

Jerome Grand Hotel, Jerome
Jerome isn’t known as Arizona’s ghost town for nothing, and the Jerome Grand Hotel has its fair share of hair-raising tales. The hotel first opened in 1927 as the United Verde Hospital, and many of the hauntings and paranormal sightings have been said to have been of the murders and suicides that occurred before the hospital was turned into a hotel. The hotel offers ghost tours to guests, encouraging them to join in with the ongoing investigation for paranormal happenings. OROGOLD definitely recommends signing up for this, and you will also enjoy a discount on your room rate if you do.

Vulture Gold Mine, Wickenburg

Vulture Gold Mine, Wickenburg
The Vulture Gold Mine was featured on Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures reality show, where paranormal investigators captured recordings of the voices of apparitions, and even had rocks thrown at them. The abandoned gold mine is part of an old ghost town, and the mine itself has multiple haunted areas within it. OROGOLD also recommends paying a visit to the Hanging Tree, a large ironwood tree where they used to hang criminals.

Thorntown Road Domes, Casa Grande
Casa Grande is located on a five-acre patch of desert along Thorntown Road, and consists of a collection of foreboding dome-like structures. These were originally built by a Californian electronics manufacturer and intended to be used for office and factory space, but they were abandoned when the business collapsed, and now look empty. There are plenty of spooky stories surrounding the domes, from blood-curdling screams being heard to visitors seeing shadowy figures kicking rocks and slamming car doors.

For anyone that has any interest in paranormal activity, Arizona is definitely a state that you need to visit. There are so many different haunted places that OROGOLD couldn’t possibly list them all, but we are sure that you won’t be disappointed with the ones that we have mentioned. If you are hoping to record some evidence of any ghostly sightings, be sure to do all the necessary research on the best equipment to bring.

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