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Ross Institute Center for Well-Being

//Ross Institute Center for Well-Being

*Featured image credit: By MichiganRoss, via Wikimedia Commons

The Ross Institute Center for Well-Being was established in 2000 in East Hampton, and was designed to be a holistic extension to the nearby Ross School. While the Ross School is a progressive K-12 institution, the Ross Institute serves as a hub of shared research and innovation, showcasing to the general public how a sustainable future can easily be created within the educational system.

The Ross Model
The Ross Model was initially conceived in 1991, with the creation of the Ross School, and is now being introduced to the general public via the Ross Institute. The Ross Model is centered around globalization, and the way in which this has created a variety of challenges when it comes to education, as students need a whole new set of skills in order to cope with the ever-changing economic and cultural landscape. The Ross Model focuses on educating an individual’s mind, body and spirit, and there are three vital components to the curriculum that have been designed to implement this model.

The Architecture
A great deal of thought was put into the design and architecture of the Ross Institute, with the intentions for the main building being to embody the transformative spirit of the Ross School. The finished building has done exactly so, with the soft curve of the roof gently emerging from the scrub oak and the sustainably harvested ipe wood creating a gorgeous woven pattern. The interior of the building is packed with natural textures that are always changing, from bamboo to tatami to stone, and no shoes are worn within the building in order to fully appreciate this. The building’s heating and air-conditioning are both powered by geothermal energy, while groundwater is pumped in via an aquifer that is situated below the Center.

Ross Institute Summer Academy
Every August in East Hampton, the Ross Institute hosts their annual Summer Academy, which consists of lectures, seminars and workshops led by specialists and esteemed scholars. The Summer Academy brings light to a variety of current topics and issues, from “Innovation, Creativity and Imagination” to “The Evolution of Consciousness and Empathic Education.

Where to Stay
If you are planning on visiting the Ross Institute this year, there are some gorgeous B&Bs located nearby, making it extremely convenient to pop into the center each day. The East Hampton Art House Bed and Breakfast is beautifully unique, while the Mill House Inn is homely yet elegant. For those of you planning to spend the entire summer in East Hampton, it may be worthwhile having a look at some of the short term holiday rentals, as this will give you more freedom during your longer stay.

It is always good practice to expand your horizons in every way, and the Ross Institute focuses on helping students do exactly that. Whether you want to explore their unique curriculum for your own children, or are interested in attending a course yourself, the Ross Institute takes education to the next level, stimulating every part of your mind, body and soul.

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