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Romantic Getaways: Puerto Rico

//Romantic Getaways: Puerto Rico

With incredible natural beauty all around, as well as historical elegance and a laid-back charm, Puerto Rico makes for the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. This is an island that simply begs to be explored, and you will no doubt end up creating some unforgettable memories by doing so.

Vieques Biobay
A biobay is a rare and fragile ecosystem that is formed by particular microscopic single-cell organisms, and, when these organisms are agitated, they release energy in the form of light, emitting an eerie glow and lighting up anything around them. While Puerto Rico is home to several biobays, the Vieques Biobay is the only one that you can swim in, making this one a must-visit. With this bay being so well-protected from winds and the sea, the bioluminescence here is incredible, and is known for being one of the brightest in the world. Paddling out into the middle of the lagoon with your special someone, surrounded by the glowing water below and the twinkling stars above, will definitely be a memorable experience.

A small island that lies off Puerto Rico’s east coast, Culebra feels as though it is a destination that time has forgotten about. Rather than being packed with glitzy resorts and upscale restaurants, this is an island that is known and loved for its peace and tranquillity, with everything from diamond-dust beaches to world-class reefs for diving and snorkeling. Flamenco Beach definitely warrants a visit, as this beach always manages to end up in top ten lists from around the world, and once you see its soft white sands and intensely blue water, you will understand why.

Old San Juan

San Jaun

The historic heart of Puerto Rico, Old San Juan is home to quaint streets and parks, heritage buildings, and the famous El Morro, a Spanish fortress that once protected the city from invaders. While there are plenty of sights to see here, Old San Juan is known for being the salsa capital of the world, so if you are looking for somewhere to try out this passionate dance, there is no better place in the world than here. There are many spots that teach the seductive dance to beginners, but one of the best is the popular Nuyorican Café, who host salsa lessons throughout the week.

El Yunque National Rainforest
The El Yunque National Rainforest is considered to be one of Puerto Rico’s most captivating gems, and is the only tropical rainforest in North America. While there is natural beauty all around here, one of the highlights are the many waterfalls that can be seen, and swum in. If you cannot decide which one to check out, head for the La Mina Trail, which takes you up to the La Mina Falls, and has its own dipping pool that is absolutely perfect for a swim.

There is no denying that the island of Puerto Rico is filled with romance, from its idyllic beaches to its history-soaked towns. Whether you spend your time exploring the island’s natural beauty, or learn more about its unique heritage, this is one of the best destinations in the world for a truly romantic getaway.

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