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OROGOLD Offers Tips on Perfume Shopping in New York – ORO GOLD Review

//OROGOLD Offers Tips on Perfume Shopping in New York – ORO GOLD Review

New Yorkers have always been known for their love for perfumes. This exotic affair started way back in the 1830s when French fragrances began to conquer the world. The affair took on massive new proportions when Estee Lauder launched Youth Dew, one of the very first American perfumes, in the year 1953. Today, New York is home of some of the best perfumes in the world – right from epic blockbuster brands such as Mark Jacobs and Calvin Klein to niche brands like By Kilian, Le Labo and Odin NY. No wonder that the city offers all sorts of perfume shopping experiences to its visitors as well as its locals. OROGOLD offers you insights on how to go perfume shopping in New York.

West Village

Make sure that you begin any perfume shopping expedition in New York at the West Village. West Village is home to Aedes de Venustas, home to some of the best international niche brands, scented candles and up-market perfumes. You can find some of the most popular perfume brands of New York such as The Different Company, Jules et Mad. and Heeley here. You can also try out Aedes’ own perfumes or ask for NY brands like Ulrich Lang or Odin.

Meatpacking District

By Killian’s recently opened its beautiful art-deco boutique on the border of the meatpacking district. This unique boutique offers you with a distinguished range of high quality materials and highly helpful assistants as well. Beyond Love is considered to be one of their most selling perfumes.


Osswald Parfumerie, located in Soho, is famous for its beauty products, scented candles, bathroom accessories and niche perfumes. Some of the most popular ranges available at Osswald Parfumerie include Carner Barcelona, MDCI, YS Uzac and Huitieme Art’s. The store also offers its patrons with access to exciting perfume events from time to time. Visit theOsswald Parfumerie website for more details. Another must visit destination in Soho is MiN New York Atelier. It is famous for its body products, bath products, rare scents and perfumes. The extremely rare Nero scents from Bruno Acampora can be found here. 


Check out Bond No. 9’s beautiful star shaped bottles that have been named after various parts of New York in NoHo. From Riverside Drive and Broadway Nile to Little Italy and Coney Island, you can find your favorite neighborhoods and scents here. The Wall Street, Chinatown and High Line perfumes are known to be particularly famous.


Visit the CB I Hate’s perfume gallery in Brooklyn. According to Christopher Brosius, perfume is an art which shows people who they can become, provided they dare to take the challenge. You can also choose from oil based and water based perfumes at CB I Hate’s. 


Go to Williamsburg and check out Woodley and Bunny. This unique establishment offers its patrons with an exciting range of body care, beauty care and perfume products. The sensual floral scents of Evening Edged In Gold Ineke are also known to be popular among New Yorkers. 

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