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OROGOLD Guide to Revamped Cities Around the World – ORO GOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD Guide to Revamped Cities Around the World – ORO GOLD Reviews

There are cities that have been charming and alluring travelers for centuries. However, a number of cities have only managed to grab the attention of the international community in the recent past, that is, after they have undergone major remodeling projects. Some of these cities might have been popular in the past as well, but ever since they have been revamped, they have emerged as some of the most sought after places to visit or live in. Here is a list of the top 5 revamped cities around the world per OROGOLD.


One of the best examples of how a city can be revamped to achieve international glory is Barcelona. The city might be famous for its beaches, sun, tapas bars and Gaudi delights today, but before the year 1992, it was somewhat different. Barcelona didn’t have its own beach and it had somehow transformed into an industrial backwater because of General Franco’s rule. The city underwent major restorations and renovations before the Olympics and this renovation had a dramatic effect on the city’s image. People began to change the way they thought of Barcelona and it went from being the 11th best city in Europe to being the 5th best city in Europe. Barcelona is also home to a lovely OROGOLD location.

{google_map}Rambla Catalunia 74, Barcelona, Spain 08007{/google_map}

Berlin, Germany as the sun is beginning to set


Berlin finally seems to be over its WWII fiasco and has managed to revamp the damage that was caused to its image as well as its architecture. The city has once again managed to grab international headlines with its beautiful sights and remodeled swanky neighborhoods. Berlin was the biggest benefactor of the German reunification. Not only has the city managed to keep many of its historic neighborhoods and buildings intact, it has also managed to create futuristic architectural delights, beautiful sights and breathtaking attractions. The presence of a beautiful culture and the emergence of tourist centric activities have also helped Berlin’s image all over the world. To top things off, the public transportation system in Berlin is top notch.

Market square in Helsinki in the summer


Helsinki is no longer dominated by an industrial crowd. It is home to budding entrepreneurs and the younger generation. Many areas of the city have undergone a major facelift and this has helped a great deal in bringing about a liberal thinking and forward moving population. Despite grand scale renovations in major areas like Kallio, Helsinki has also managed to retain and maintain their historical delights such as the historical art nouveau masterpiece, the Kallio Church as well as the century  old market, Hakaneimi.

Tokoyo, Japan in the evening with the Tokoyo tower light up


Perhaps no other city has seen as much carnage in a single lifetime as Tokyo. The locals were just getting over the destruction caused by the 1923 earthquake and the resulting fires that burned the city to the ground when the 1945 World War II bombings once again leveled the entire city. Despite these disasters, post-war Tokyo has risen like no other. The city has grown in an unprecedented way and within 20 years, it has managed to emerge as one of the best metropolises in the world. Today, you can find all sorts of designers, celebrities, bohemians and internationals enjoying the concrete jungles of Tokyo, the cherry tree-lined river, the natural beauty as well as the ancient attractions that somehow managed to retain their original charms.

Johannesburg sky line


The Central Business District in Johannesburg was once known to be a whites-only residential area. When this law was finally dusted away, the demographics of the city began to shift dramatically. High crime rates and frequent disturbances forced tourists away and industry and commerce also began to feel the effects of the frequent tensions. However, the city finally seems to have improved and gotten over the apartheid issues. Today, Johannesburg has managed to bounce back into international stardom with much improved security, world class transportation systems, beautifully restored heritage attractions and fantastic constructions such as the Carlton Center skyscraper, the tallest building in Africa.

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