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A One Day Itinerary: Sacramento Museums

//A One Day Itinerary: Sacramento Museums

Sacramento is home to a number of different museums, each of which provides a unique educational experience. From the Crocker Art Museum to the Wells Fargo History Museum, these are the spots to visit if you want to spend a day museum-hopping in Sacramento.

California Museum
Begin your day at the California Museum, which is home to the official California Hall of Fame. This museum strives to showcase the state’s diverse history, while taking a look at how California has managed to influence the rest of the world in so many different ways. The majority of the exhibits that you will find here are innovative and interactive, giving visitors the opportunity to learn about the California dream in quite a hands-on way.

Crocker Art Museum
Established in 1885, the Crocker Art Museum, which is just a short walk away from the California Museum, was one of the very first art museums in the country, and is now considered to be California’s leading art institution. In addition to their art collections from all over the world, including Europe, Africa and Asia, the Crocker Art Museum is also home to one of the best collections of Californian art in the country, as well as a comprehensive collection of international ceramics, both of which have helped to earn the museum its outstanding reputation.

a small replica of a horse carriage

Wells Fargo History Museum
There are two locations for the Wells Fargo History Museum, with the Downtown one being nearest to the Crocker Art Museum, although you will pass by the Old Sacramento location later on in the day. The Downtown location is a great place to learn more about the Gold Rush, with interactive exhibits and treasured artefacts, along with gold specimens from the foothills at which gold was first discovered. The museum’s Old Sacramento location focuses on transportation and communication, exploring how the advancements in these areas led to Wells Fargo experiencing a huge surge in growth.

Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum
The Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum is quite a small one, meaning that you will be able to tour it relatively quickly. This museum features a living replica of a schoolhouse from the 1800’s, and focuses on the role of education in California’s early days. With books, photographs and antique items on display, this is an intriguing museum that will really make you think about how far education has progressed since the 1800’s.

Locomotive at the California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento

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California State Railroad Museum
Another museum located in Old Sacramento, the California State Railroad Museum features 21 restored locomotives and railroad cars, some of which date all the way back to 1862. There are also several exhibits that depict how the development of railroads managed to significantly influence American society.

Depending on how much time you have left after checking out the above-mentioned museums, you may wish to end your day at the Old Sacramento location of the Wells Fargo History Museum, or, alternatively, head to a nearby restaurant for a bite to eat. Whichever you choose, you will no doubt have spent your day soaking up so much history, culture, and local information, giving you a whole new appreciation for your surroundings.

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