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NYC Boat Tours

//NYC Boat Tours

There are so many different boat tours and cruises available in New York, making it quite difficult to decide which one to actually sign up for. From classic sightseeing cruises to historic sailboats, here are a few of the best NYC boat tours.

Manhattan By Sail
Manhattan By Sail offers boat tours on two historic boats. The first is the Shearwater Classic Schooner, which used to patrol the Chesapeake Bay during WWII, while the second is the Clipper City Tall Ship, whose billowing sails stand 158 feet high. The tours are held during the day and last around an hour and a half each, departing from North Cove Yacht Harbor, although there are sunset and twilight sails available too. The tour takes you around lower Manhattan and includes gorgeous views of the Statue of Liberty.

BEAST Speedboat
While the majority of New York’s boat tours may just be gentle rides on the water, the BEAST Speedboat offers quite a different experience. This 70-foot speedboat travels at 45 miles per hour, blasting its passengers with an icy salt spray from the river. Complete with loud music and comedy-inclined tour guides, this 30-minute ride is a great way to take in the city while experiencing some action and adventure at the same time.

Seastreak Ferry
For those who want to combine their boat tour with a visit to the beach, the Seastreak Ferry is ideal for you. This tour departs from either E 35th Street or Wall Street, offering panoramic views over the city, as well as free WiFi and climate-controlled cabins. The boat stops at the Sandy Hook Beach in the Gateway National Park, where on-duty lifeguards stand by to watch over the public as they splash about in the waves. There are a number of other noteworthy beaches in the Gateway National Park, and the boat tour also offers complimentary shuttle services between the main dock and each of these different beaches.

Circle Line

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Circle Line Landmark Cruise
The Circle Line offers a number of different New York City cruises, but their Landmark Cruise is the best, as it packs so many sights, and so much information, into one and a half hours. This tour takes you down the Hudson and around the southernmost tip of Manhattan, before coming back up the East River to Midtown, and turning back onto 42nd Street. Along the way, you will learn about everything from local history to the importance of various landmarks, and will even have the opportunity to see a few celebrity residences.

City Sightseeing Daytime Cruise
The City Sightseeing Daytime Cruise makes use of a hop-on, hop-off system, making it perfect for those who want to explore the different areas that they pass by while on the boat. There are four stations to embark and disembark from, and these are Pier 78 on the Hudson, Pier 11, DUMBO, and the World Financial Center. Since tickets are valid for the entire day, you can take as much time as you like to explore the area around each of the stations.

Boat tours are a fantastic way to experience New York from a different perspective. Whether this may be on a custom-built 70-foot speedboat or a historic sailboat from WWII, make sure that you add an NYC boat tour to your itinerary this summer.

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