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Night Life in Mexico City

//Night Life in Mexico City

From pounding clubs to intimate bars, the nightlife in Mexico City is truly world-class. While many may find the city crowded and stifling during the day, this all changes once the sun sets, as the air becomes cooler, the sidewalks begin to empty out, the traffic lightens, and the vibrant nightlife scene bursts into life. While there may be a dazzling number of after-dark venues to choose from these neighborhoods have some of the trendiest and hottest nightlife spots in the city.

La Condesa
La Condesa is a neighborhood that is known for its elegant parks and stately homes and has now become a popular hang-out spot for Mexico City’s bohemian crowd. For those of you who want to spend some time learning all about mezcal, La Clandestina is the place to go, where you will find over twenty regional mezcal varieties, as well as plenty of information on the type of agave that mezcal is produced from. The Condesa DF rooftop bar is another hot spot in the neighbourhood, its sophisticated atmosphere brought about by decadent cocktails and fine dining nibbles. La Condesa is also home to El Imperial, one of the best live music venues in Mexico City, and one that has seen a number of international acts grace its stage.

El Centro Historico
While El Centro Historico’s narrow streets may be filled with old taverns, there are a number of hip nightlife spots sprinkled between them. El Bar Mata is a beautifully modern bar with a rooftop terrace, while the rooftop bar at Hotel Majestic offers spectacular views of the plaza below. For some smooth jazz in an authentic historical setting, head to the Zinco Jazz Bar, which may be small but is always lively and upbeat. La Hermosa Hortensia is another one of the city’s most popular bars amongst both travellers and locals, and this is because they serve up one of the most traditional Mexican drinks out there called pulqa, which is a thick concoction that dates back to the Aztecs.

Coyoacan used to be a small country town, but it has now been eaten up by the sprawl of Mexico City, and is home to a number of exciting bars and clubs. El Hijo del Cuervo is a bar that was founded in 1987, and, specialising in tequila, is popular with the younger crowd. La Coyoacana is the most popular cantina in the area, mostly because it is laid-back, down to earth, and always serenaded with Mexican music, from mariachi to marimba. For something slightly more cosmopolitan, Adde is a nightclub that has been designed with Hollywood hot spots in mind and is where the top three DJ’s in Mexico City have a residency.

Mexico City’s nightlife is diverse and always exciting, with each of its individual neighborhoods offering quite a different experience. From the bohemian vibe of the bars in La Condesa to the historical ambiance at the venues in El Centro Historico, it is easy to see why Mexico City has a reputation for the highest standards of nightlife.

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