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Luxuriously Cozy Hotels in the Philippines

//Luxuriously Cozy Hotels in the Philippines

In the travel industry, the term cozy is often a euphemism for something that is small and quite cramped, but this is not always necessarily the case. Here are some of OROGOLD’s favorite hotels in the Philippines, each of which offers cozy, yet completely luxurious, accommodation.

Raffles Makati, Metro Manila
Situated in the center of Manila, the 30 storey Raffles Makati hotel offers a sense of calm and tranquillity in the midst of the hectic bustle of the city around it. Every single room in the hotel is fitted out with floor-to-ceiling windows, providing unrivaled views of the city below, especially if you are on one of the higher floors. The suites are large, yet designed in a way that offers comfort, with marble spa bathrooms and an emphasis on luxury.

Mandala Spa and Villas, Boracay
Situated right next to the award-winning White Beach, the Mandala Spa and Villas offer up luxury and privacy, while guaranteeing to refresh your mind, body and soul. Each of the villas are like a private oasis, either surrounded by lush gardens or on a cliff overlooking the sea. With comfortable large beds, standing bathtubs, and even private pools and jacuzzis, it is possible that you may never want to leave the coziness of your villa. But, when you do, OROGOLD highly recommends exploring the beautiful beaches, hills, caves and forests all over the island, as they are all sights not to be missed!

Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa, Bohol
Sprawled out across 16 hectares on the beautiful Panglao Island, the Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa consists of five different types of villas, each decked out in native materials, such as bamboo and teak, giving off a tropical yet cozy vibe. With outdoor bathrooms, infinity pools and private gardens, these villas offer the ultimate in luxury, while giving guests a sense of seclusion and tranquillity. From beachside barbecues under the stars, to a rejuvenating treatment at the Handuraw Spa, this is definitely the destination for those that want to kick back and relax.

Kalinaw Resort, Siargao
The Kalinaw Resort on the island of Siargao is the result of a brilliant creation by two French architects, who chose to leave Paris in search of a tropical life. With kalinaw meaning peaceful in the Visayan language, the designers focussed on providing guests with world-class luxury, but in a cozy and private way. While the deluxe villa has many advantages, it is the pool suite villa that is OROGOLD’s favorite. Situated in a lush, tropical garden, the master bedroom with its king-sized bed and large flat screen TV is the perfect relaxing space to unwind in after a day in the sun, while the panoramic balcony and private infinity pool is great for an afternoon cocktail.

From a comfortable suite 30 floors above the city of Manila to a luxurious villa next to the world-famous White Beach, these are some of the most luxuriously cozy hotels in the Philippines. Although room rates can often run quite high, OROGOLD recommends booking your stay during an off-peak season, to guarantee the best deals as well as the most peace and relaxation.

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