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Historic Downtown Frisco

//Historic Downtown Frisco

Frisco’s origins date back to the early 19th century, and Historic Downtown Frisco is the best part of the city to take this all in. From the Frisco Historic Park and Museum to Frisco Square, which was one of the first parts of the town to be developed, Historic Downtown Frisco manages to beautifully meld together the past and the present.

Frisco Square
When Frisco first began to be developed, it was one of the fastest growing communities in the country, and, in order to have a place at which the residents of the city could gather, whether for special events or government facilities, Frisco Square was created. Considered to be the heart and soul of Downtown Frisco, Frisco Square is always packed with a lively energy and hosts several exciting events throughout the year. From its biggest annual event, Christmas in the Square, to the popular spring arts festival, Arts in the Square, to the weekly Frisco Rotary Farmers Market, visitors to Frisco Square are likely to always find something happening.

The Frisco Historic Park and Museum
The Frisco Historic Park and Museum opened its doors in 1983¬†and showcases the town’s rich history and heritage. Taking a stroll through the park is a great way to experience and imagine what life was like in the mountains in past years¬†while learning all about how Frisco almost did not become the magnificent city that it is today. The museum is home to a fantastic selection of artifacts that depict Frisco’s history, and tell the story of the people that played an important role in the development of the town. For those who want to explore the park and museum in more depth, there are guided tours, hikes, lectures and events that the museum hosts on a regular basis, all of which are designed to bring Frisco’s fascinating history to life.

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Main Street
Frisco’s vibrant Main Street has always been one of the main shopping spots in the city, known for being packed on the weekends with farmers, ranchers, and city residents, and this has not changed much today. While the quaint historic shops of the past may no longer be selling their wares, and there are now a lack of horses and wagons parked on the street, plenty of modern day stores have taken their place, ensuring that Main Street retains its lively retail atmosphere. From contemporary fashion boutiques to speciality food stores, Main Street offers a shopping experience that is second to none.

While many parts of Frisco may have changed dramatically since the 1800’s, it is still easy to imagine what life was like back in the day. Whether you spend some time exploring the displays at the Frisco Historic Park and Museum, or tour a few of the original 1880’s buildings around the city, from the saloons to the hotels to the chapel, exploring Historic Downtown Frisco is something that every visitor to the city should take the time to do, in order to truly appreciate Frisco’s humble beginnings.

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