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Faneuil Hall Marketplace

//Faneuil Hall Marketplace

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Situated just steps away from downtown Boston’s waterfront, Faneuil Hall Marketplace has served as a meeting hall for the city since 1743. One of the most-visited tourist sites in the country, Faneuil Hall Marketplace not only enjoys a truly rich heritage, showcasing some of Boston’s fascinating history, but it is also a buzzing marketplace that features a number of different retailers, restaurants and local entertainment.

The History of Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Founded by merchant Peter Faneuil in 1740, Faneuil Hall was originally built in the style of a traditional English country market, after which it was greatly expanded and reconstructed over the years. In 1960, it was listed as a National Historic Landmark and was then once again restored in 1992. It was from here that many notable speeches have been made throughout history, from that of Julius Caesar Chappelle, supporting the Federal Elections bill that would give African-Americans the right to vote, to the speech in which Sen. Edward M. Kennedy declared his candidacy for president. Today’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace consists of Faneuil Hall, as well as three extra buildings that function as shopping malls and food halls.

Shopping at Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Faneuil Hall Marketplace is home to over 100 different retailers, as well as specialty pushcarts that feature the work of some of New England’s most talented artisans. Found in the Bullmarket, this “fleet” of pushcarts is the first of its kind in the world, and is a great way to showcase some of the finest products that Boston has to offer. When it comes to the retail stores here, you can find just about everything that you may need, from fashion and accessories to electronics to home furnishings.

Dining at Faneuil Hall Marketplace
In addition to the fourteen restaurants and pubs that can be found at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, visitors are also able to dine at the Quincy Market Colonnade, which, with over 36 international food vendors, is the largest food hall in New England. Local hotspots include the Boston Kitchen, which serves up rotisserie-style grilled meats, and the Fisherman’s Net, where you can find world-famous clam chowder, while the international offerings include everything from Greek to Japanese to Italian to Indian cuisine. Most of the food vendors that have set up shop at Faneuil Hall Marketplace have been serving up meals here for generations, and a brief chat with a few of the vendors will teach you even more about the marketplace’s fascinating history.

Boston Street Theatre
The cobbled streets that wind their way around Faneuil Hall Marketplace is filled with world-renowned street performers and entertainers. From acrobatic balancing acts to contortionist routines to one-of-a-kind musical shows, the entertainment available here will thrill visitors of all ages.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace boasts a rich and important past, and a visit to Boston’s Market District is a great way to experience this. In addition to touring the historical spots dotted around the marketplace, visitors can also indulge in some good food and diverse shopping, making it quite easy to spend the entire day here.

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