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Explore Taiwan’s Botanical Treasures

//Explore Taiwan’s Botanical Treasures

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Taiwan is home to so many botanical treasures, and one of the best ways to view these is by visiting a few of the country’s botanical gardens. From Taipei to Taichung, here are the spots where you can see some of the highlights of Taiwan’s awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Botanical Garden of National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung
Taichung’s Botanical Garden of NMNS features 4.5 hectares of botanical gardens and welcomes around half a million visitors each and every year. Their gardens have won several different awards, as they are filled with colors and scents throughout the year. With everything from woodlands and walking trails to streams and ponds, this is a garden that showcases nature from all over the country, and even has a tropical rainforest to top it all off. For those who want to learn more about nature and growing plants, the garden offers an educational workshop that will teach you a few gardening techniques.

Taipei Botanical Garden in Taiwan

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Taipei Botanical Garden, Taipei
Located in Taipei’s vibrant Zhongzheng District, the Taipei Botanical Garden is sprawled out across 15 hectares of land, and boasts more than 1500 species of local plants. This is quite a historic botanical garden, and was first officially established in 1921 under Japanese rule, although the garden itself has been around unofficially since the late 1800’s. There are 17 different areas to explore within the garden, each one with a theme that displays a different variety of plants, and there are also nine ponds that each boast their own array of plant life. Also within the botanical garden are two historic buildings that visitors are able to explore. These are the Qing Taiwan Administration Building, which was built in 1888, as well as a herbarium that dates back to 1924, with both buildings displaying traditional architectural designs, making them a fantastic focal point for your photos.

Fushan Botanical Garden in Taiwan

Fushan Botanical Garden, Yilan County/Taipei County
The Fushan Botanical Garden sits on the boundary between Yuanshan Village in Yilan County and Wulai Village in Taipei County and is one of Fushan’s main forest research areas. Spread out across 40.5 hectares, this is the biggest botanical park in Asia, although only 20 hectares are open for the public to explore, as the rest if protected for conservation. There are over 7000 species of plants to be seen here, and these encompass just about every single plant that you would find in Taiwan, making this the most comprehensive collection of local plants in the country. The garden’s Administration Center is home to exhibits that explain some of the garden’s features in more detail and is also where you can book yourself in for a guided educational walk. With mountains, lakes, and lush greenery all blending together, the Fushan Botanical Garden really is one of the country’s finest green havens.

Taiwan boasts such an impressive range of unique natural beauty, with many of its plants not found anywhere else in the world. From the sprawling Fushan Botanical Garden to the intimate Botanical Garden of NMNS in Taichung, these are three of the best places from which to explore Taiwan’s stunning botanical treasures.

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