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Experience Yas Island

//Experience Yas Island

A man-made island in Abu Dhabi, Yas Island is famous for being one of the best entertainment destinations in the UAE. Home to venues such as Yas Waterworld, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, and Yas Mall, these are some of the highlights that you can expect to encounter when exploring Yas Island.

Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi
Yas Waterworld promises a day of fun and adventure for the entire family, with 45 rides, slides and attractions to enjoy. Some of the park’s finest rides include the Bandit Bomber, which is the longest suspended rollercoaster in the Middle East, the Liwa Loop, which is the first logging waterslide of its kind in the Middle East, and Bubble’s Barrel, which is the largest surfable wave sheet in the world. For those with young children, there are plenty of gentler rides to choose from, including the Tot’s Playground and the Amwaj Wave Pool, while the many food and beverage outlets scattered around the park make for a perfect pick-me-up in between rides.

Yas Beach
While the theme parks of Yas Island may be wonderfully thrilling, there will come a time when you need a break from all of the pulsating stimuli, making Yas Beach the perfect place to head to. With white sand, sparkling blue waters and dense mangroves surrounding the area, this beach is tranquil and peaceful. There are also several beach activities to be found here, from an outdoor gym to beach volleyball to a variety of water sports.

ferrari world

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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a one-of-a-kind theme park, with several rides and attractions that are, of course, Ferrari-related. This is the only Ferrari branded theme park in the world, so you can expect the attractions here to really be special. One of the most popular rides at Ferrari World is the Formula Rossa, which is famous for being the fastest rollercoaster in the world, taking you to speeds of 240 km/h in under five seconds. For those who would prefer to spend their time learning more about the brand, there are many Ferrari experiences to be had here, from taking a factory tour to driving a Ferrari around Yas Island yourself.

Yas Mall
When it comes to retail therapy, there is no other place like Yas Mall, which boasts over 400 of the top fashion and food brands in the world. Their 20 screen cinema is also another highlight, while the family entertainment zone, which is the largest in the region, promises to provide hours of fun.

Yas Marina
There is always a constant buzz of activity at Yas Marina, making this an exciting area to explore on a warm, sunny day. The long boardwalks are perfect for a leisurely stroll, with the extravagant yachts dotting the marina exuding a air of glamour. With so many al fresco dining options, Yas Marina is a great spot to stop for a bite to eat, while the multiple children’s play areas ensure that any young ones that you are travelling with will be kept occupied and entertained.

With such a wide range of different attractions, it is no surprise that Yas Island is continuing to grow in popularity each year. From the picturesque Yas Marina to the action-filled Ferrari World, be sure to set aside quite a few days if you are hoping to thoroughly explore the island.

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