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Enjoying the Outdoors in San Mateo

//Enjoying the Outdoors in San Mateo

One of the earliest of San Francisco suburbs to be established, San Mateo is located about halfway between Palo Alto and San Francisco and enjoys quite a mild and pleasant climate. For this reason, San Mateo is a fantastic destination from which to take advantage of California’s great outdoors, offering up everything from sandy beaches to stunning hiking trails.

Coyote Point Recreation Area
One of the main recreation areas in the region, Coyote Point has a number of different ways in which you can enjoy the great outdoors. Not only is Coyote Point one of the most popular windsurfing spots in Northern California, but visitors can also have a go at stand up paddling and sea kayaking, while those who want to enjoy the water without getting wet can pay a visit to the Coyote Point Yacht Club. There are also a number of paved pathways here that make for an excellent stroll, while CuriOdyssey, also at Coyote Point, is a great place to get up close to some wildlife.

Japanese Garden
Located in San Mateo’s Central Park, the Japanese Garden is considered to be one of the finest public gardens in the country. This haven of tranquillity in the heart of the city was designed by a landscape architect from the Imperial Palace of Tokyo and boasts a number of authentic Japanese features. From the kidney-shaped koi pond, at which you can watch the koi being fed twice a day, to the twisting pathways surrounding exotic Asian plants, you will no doubt feel a huge sense of serenity as soon as you enter the Japanese Garden.

Sawyer Camp Trail
Located in the rift valley of the San Andreas Fault, the Sawyer Camp Trail stretches out for about six miles and is completely surfaced with asphalt, making it suitable for many ability levels. Running alongside the Crystal Springs Reservoir, the trail offers panoramic views of the water, as well as plenty of natural bio-diversity. Punctuated with mile markers, the Sawyer Camp Trail is extremely popular with hikers and bikers, as well as those hoping to catch a sight of the beautiful, but elusive, deer.

Shoreline Park
One of San Mateo’s newest parks, Shoreline Park consists of two main parts; Ryder Park and Seal Point Park. Seal Point Park is where you will find a number of natural and restored habitats, as well as a natural stairway and a large, three-acre dog park. While Ryder Park is beautifully landscaped and features a range of native plants, its focal point is its Aquatic Park, which makes it a popular spot for family outings, thanks to the sheltered beach, bustling playground, water play structures and picnic areas.

The natural beauty that California has to offer is known all over the world, and San Mateo is an area that showcases a large amount of this stunning diversity. From the warm waters of Coyote Point to the wilderness of the Sawyer Camp Trail, there are plenty of places from which you can enjoy the outdoors in San Mateo.

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