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Enjoy a Day with the Red Sox

//Enjoy a Day with the Red Sox

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The oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball, Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, is world-famous. For those of you who are fans of the Red Sox, Fenway Park is definitely a place that you should spend a day if you are visiting Boston.

Upcoming Games
For those who really want the full Red Sox experience, it would be worth trying to catch a game. There are games held throughout the summer, and tickets can easily be purchased online, meaning that you are able to plan well in advance. From the Cleveland Indians at the end of July and early August to the New York Yankees and the Baltimore Orioles in mid to late August, there is plenty of excitement scheduled for the next few months.

Fenway Park Tour
One of the best ways to ensure that you see all of the highlights of Fenway Park is by signing up for the Fenway Park Tour, which is held daily, throughout the year, no matter the weather. The tour, which is led by an experienced guide, lasts for an hour, and gives you the opportunity to see the home of Red Sox legends, as well as sit right at the top of the Green Monster, which towers 37 feet over left field.

Fenway Park, Boston


Fenway Park Living Museum
As part of your Fenway Park tour, you will be able to pay a visit to the Fenway Park Living Museum, which is dedicated to preserving and displaying the history of the park. There are over 170,000 items to be seen here, all of which relate either to Fenway Park’s history or the Boston Red Sox, with plenty of photographs to be viewed. From tracing the park’s earliest years to showcasing 90 signed baseballs, and 36 game-used baseball bats, from the World Series, this is a museum that will teach you everything that you could ever want to know about Fenway Park, as well as the Boston Red Sox.

More Red Sox Activities
For those who want even more Red Sox action, there are plenty of activities to be found at Fenway Park. The Red Sox Showcase is one of these, which will be travelling across New England, including Boston, throughout the summer, and includes baseball challenges and a virtual reality experience. You will also be able to shop for a variety of Red Sox merchandise at Fenway Park, including plenty of game-used memorabilia, while taking part in the Red Sox auction, which ensures that everything that you buy is truly authentic. For those of you with children, sign them up for the Red Sox Kids club, which gives them access to Wally’s Clubhouse, as well as enables them to attend a youth baseball camp, which takes place at Fenway Park itself, complete with a customized Red Sox uniform.

Nicknamed America’s Most Beloved Ballpark, Fenway Park is somewhere that every sports fan visiting Boston should visit. Whether you spend the whole day there or simply stop by to soak up the atmosphere, this is a great way to experience some of Boston’s iconic sporting history.

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