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Discover Sacramento Wineries and Vineyards

//Discover Sacramento Wineries and Vineyards

With its diverse soil and terrain, Sacramento is the perfect region for wine production, which is why there are more than 200 wineries sprinkled around the region. Whether you are after a classic, intensely flavored red, or prefer one-of-a-kind artisan flavors, these are some of the vineyards and wineries around the area that you definitely will not want to miss out on.

Frasinetti’s Winery and Restaurant
Frasinetti’s has been around since 1897, which is why the road that the winery is located on now bears Frasinetti’s name. This family-run establishment embraces old world traditions, but combines this with new world technology, resulting in a mouthwatering selection of home grown wines. The winery also has a full-service restaurant, with the menu being based upon wine pairings, featuring dishes that complement and showcase the different flavors within each of their wines.

Wise Villa Winery
The Wise Villa Winery is one that prefers to have complete control over their wine production process and do this in many ways, from hand picking their grapes to using measured controls during the fermentation process. In addition to all of this loving nurturing, the soil structure, as well as the microclimate, that their vineyard experiences result in grapes that are truly distinctive, being rich and complex in flavor but without too much sweetness, and this translates beautifully into the bottle.

Boeger Winery
Located about 40 miles east of Sacramento, the El Dorado wine district is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in California, after being first established during the Gold Rush period. There are around 50 varieties of grapes that grow in this area, making it no surprise that a number of artisan winemakers have popped up here, making use of the incredible grape diversity to create some unique flavors. The Boeger Winery is one of these, and they grow 90% of their own grapes, giving them a huge amount of control over the wines that they produce. Complimentary tours and tastings are held every day, and you can round up your time here with a meal at their stunning outdoor picnic area.

Gold Hill Vineyard
Established in 1980, Gold Hill Vineyard has received a number of awards for their high quality wines, and have recently been developing the range that they offer. Their expansive cellar features thousands of cases, with some of the newer ones being Italian and Rhone varieties. While tours and tastings are offered throughout the week, visitors should try to attend their Friday Fling event, as this not only features the best of their wine, but also food trucks that serve up tasty artisan dishes, lending quite a casual air to what would otherwise have been more of a formal wine tasting.

The heart of the Northern Californian wine industry, Sacramento embraces the traditions of older wineries, as well as the innovation that comes from the newer ones. Wine production is an important part of life in this region, so it only makes sense to discover some of Sacramento’s wineries if you are fortunate enough to be paying a visit to this area.

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