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Cheers: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

//Cheers: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

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An American television sitcom that ran for eleven years between 1982 and 1993, Cheers is set in Boston, Massachusetts, in a bar that is also named Cheers. The bar on the television show was inspired by a historic landmark pub in a Boston neighborhood, which was founded in 1969, and whose exterior was replicated in Hollywood for the set of the show. Today, this original Cheers bar is still standing on Beacon Hill and is a must-visit spot for any fans of the television show.

The Cheers Pub
Originally known as the Bull & Finch Pub, the Cheers pub is an intimate neighborhood bar, just like the one on the television show. It was originally known as the Bull & Finch Pub and was already long considered to be an ideal American bar before it became publicized all over the world. While it may have only been the pub’s exterior that was used on the show, the interior of the pub is also similar to its television version, and the walls are lined with all sorts of memorabilia. When it comes to the food, the menu features a range of classic pub dishes, from a variety of burgers to bread bowl soups to a selection of freshly cooked entrées, accompanied by a great selection of draft beers and cocktails.

Cheers at Faneuil Hall Marketplace
While the original Cheers pub on Beacon Hill may have been the one to inspire the television show, the newer Cheers pub, at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, is an exact replica of the one on the show. In addition to having an accurate reproduction of the actual bar, this location also boasts a café, a patio, and a lower bar, all designed to mirror the fun and lively atmosphere that was ever-present on the television show. In addition to being a fantastic place to grab a meal, with both indoor and outdoor dining options, Cheers at Faneuil Hall Marketplace is also home to a number of items that were used on the show, and these are on display throughout the pub. From Cliffie’s mailman suit to Lilith’s Eco-podi uniform, visiting this location of Cheers almost feels as though you are stepping back in time into the classic sitcom.

Special Events
In addition to the live entertainment every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace location, both Cheers pubs also host a variety of special events, appealing to both fans as well as those who have never seen the show. From special live music performances to comedy acts based on memorable moments from the show to special deals when there is a certain game on, there is always something happening at both of the Cheers locations.

Both of the Cheers pubs in Boston are popular spots, with locals as well as tourists. In addition to featuring exclusive memorabilia from the television show, and being able to bring back beautiful memories for many visitors, both of these pubs are also fantastic places to wine and dine, and never fail to have an upbeat and friendly atmosphere.

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