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Out of the Box Vacation Ideas

//Out of the Box Vacation Ideas

Spending your vacation surrounded by sun, sand and sea may be fantastically relaxing, but there will come a time when you will crave to be able to bring home a deeper experience from your travels. Take a look at OROGOLD’s out of the box vacation ideas, each of which promises a vacation that you will never forget.

Farm Stay
Also known as agrotourism, farm stays have seen a huge boost in popularity, and are a great option for both families as well as couples. Farm stays vary in what they consist of all over the world, but you can typically expect to take part in many hands-on activities, from feeding animals to milking cows. Many farm stays also incorporate cooking lessons, using produce that is grown fresh on site. When it comes to accommodation, it all depends on your personal preferences, as there are some that offer luxuriously converted barns with all of the modern appliances, while others may have caravans or simple rooms. No matter how upscale you go, a farm stay is an educational, active experience, and one that adults and kids alike will both find joy in.

Language Study
If you have always wanted to learn a new language, why not spend your next vacation tackling this potential new skill? There is nothing better than being able to learn a new language in a country that speaks it, be it learning French in Paris, learning Italian in Florence, studying Spanish in Argentina, or learning Mandarin in Shanghai. Not only does this make the learning portion much more fun, but you will also pick up the language much quicker with an intensive course, not to mention that you will also have the opportunity to explore a new destination while trying out your new skills!

Romantic castle

A Castle Vacation
There is no better way to combine a truly luxurious vacation and the chance to immerse yourself in history than spending your vacation in an ancient castle. There are many castles around the world available for short term rent, but one of OROGOLD’s favorites is the Lough Cutra Castle in Galway, Ireland. Dating back to 866 AD, this is paradise for a history buff, and also for those who want to engage in some leisurely countryside horseback riding and practice their pheasant shooting. Although not quite as ancient, the Punta Del Este Castle in Uruguay has a beachfront location, and comes with its very own chef, chauffeur, masseuse and maid, as well as an infinity pool and a private beach and garden. Those of you who do not have the budget to rent a whole castle can look at renting rooms and suites at some of the many gorgeous castles across the world.

As you can see, trying something new and unusual on your next vacation does not mean that you have to give up your comforts. From experiencing history firsthand by staying in a grand castle, to spending a few nights in a renovated Italian farmhouse, you can be sure that you will be bringing home some truly remarkable memories.

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