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Best Destinations to Visit in 2017

//Best Destinations to Visit in 2017

Each year, certain destinations become travel hotspots, and this happens for a variety of different reasons. Whether due to a changing economy or relaxed travel restrictions, these are set to be some of the top destinations of 2017.

Greece has spent the past few years suffering from a serious debt crisis, but, thanks to the relatively stable political scene in the country now, tourism has really been picking up, and 2017 is looking to be its best year yet. Greece, with its cliff-side towns, picture-perfect islands, and deep cultural and historic roots, really does make for an unforgettable vacation, and there are a number of different appealing destinations within Greece to choose from. Whether you opt for the sunny beaches of Crete, the ancient ruins of Athens, or the spiritual monasteries of Meteora, there is so much to see and do in Greece, so plan your trip for 2017, before the tourism sector gets much busier.


Now that travel restrictions to Cuba have been relaxed, this Caribbean island, which is packed with history and culture, is already experiencing quite the tourism surge. While a trip to Cuba does need a fair bit of advance planning, this is a destination like no other. With no internet access and international fast food chains, visitors to the island immediately delve into Cuba’s traditions and culture, with warm and friendly locals always happy to step in with advice. There are several options when it comes to the different regions of Cuba, with Old Havana being home to vibrant caf├ęs, bars and a must-see vintage book market, while the smaller cities, such as the easily walkable Santiago de Cuba, or the colonial Trinidad, provide a unique insight into a part of Cuba that many visitors still have not seen.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
An island nation just south of India, Sri Lanka is a tropical island that, for many years, has been overshadowed by its nearby neighbors, India and the Maldives, leaving large parts of the country relatively unexplored. In order to keep up with its competition, Sri Lanka has recently been undergoing quite the cosmopolitan upgrade, with everything from luxury resorts to world-class facilities. Depending on your interests, there are various regions in Sri Lanka that are worth exploring. The larger cities are usually the first point of call for a tourist, from the capital of Colombo to the spiritual city of Kandy to historic Galle, which is home to an impressive Dutch fort. For those who are seeking out history, Anuradhapura is home to over 1000 years of the country’s history, while those who want to check out Sri Lanka’s stunning beaches should consider Mirissa, Beruwela and Trincomalee.

Travel expands your horizons, providing you with experiences that will help you to grow as an individual. With 2017 almost upon us, now is the time to begin making your travel plans for the next year, so be sure to spend some time looking into each of these three destinations further, as you will be guaranteed the vacation of a lifetime.

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