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Autumn in Central Park

//Autumn in Central Park

With trees ranging from the Red Maple and American Elm to the Gingko and European Beech, it is no surprise that New York‘s Central Park is absolutely stunning in the fall. From the tranquil woodland just a stone’s throw away from Fifth Avenue to the universal fairytale appeal of historic Bow Bridge, these are some of Central Park’s top spots during the autumn months.

Hallett Nature Sanctuary
Closed to the public for the last 80 years, the Hallett Nature Sanctuary has only just reopened this year, meaning that even born and bred New Yorkers have yet to experience fall in this part of Central Park. This secret area of woodland is a short walk from Fifth Avenue, and the Central Park Conservancy have been working for many years to restore it. Entering the rustic wooden gates whisks you away into a different world, with winding footpaths in place to help you to explore these gorgeous natural surroundings. In order to maintain the solitude of the sanctuary, only 20 visitors are allowed in at one time, so while you may have to wait a while before you can enter, the serenity that you will feel once inside will make the wait worthwhile.

The Mall
Rather than being an actual shopping mall, the Mall is a stretch of Central Park that runs from 66th to 72nd Streets. The impressive width of this walkway was designed to allow carriages to pass through with ease, and today, this extra space is utilized daily by gatherings of street performers and skateboarder. What makes the Mall so special in the autumn is the fact that it is lined by American Elm trees, a variety that has now become quite uncommon but which forms a stunning canopy over the pathway. In the fall, these trees burst into fiery shades of oranges and yellows, making them a great spot to view some incredible fall foliage, and also from which to watch the sun set.

Bow Bridge in Fall

Bow Bridge
Bow Bridge, which is the second oldest cast-iron bridge in America, and its fairy-tale surroundings have earned it a place in numerous movies and television shows, from Spiderman 3 to Dr. Who. The quickest way to reach the bridge is by following the path from Bethesda Fountain, and from here you will be greeted with beautiful fall views of Central Park West, as well as of Fifth Avenue.

The Ramble
The Ramble is a lush, 38 acre wooded area in Central Park, and is one of the park’s most popular features. While the Ramble is beautiful throughout the year, the variety of trees here means that it is filled with spectacular shades of color in the fall. With the deep reds from the Red Maples, the bronzes and russets from the Pin Oaks, the yellows and purples from the Sweet Gum, and the oranges and scarlets from the Tupelo, this area turns into quite the multi-colored wonderland.

Just about every part of the USA sports areas of intensely deep autumnal shades during the months of fall, and Central Park is always a popular spot to view fall foliage in New York City. From the serenity and seclusion of the brand new Hallett Nature Sanctuary, to the ever-lively strip of the Mall, make sure you do not forget to bring your camera when heading to Central Park in the autumn months.

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