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OROGOLD stores call some of the world’s most exciting cities home. OROGOLD Cosmetics is not just a luxury skin care brand but also an experience. We are excited to share with you some of our favorite ORO GOLD locations from around the globe which epitomize the OROGOLD store experience. Choose a destination and peruse a list of expertly curated things to see and do there. From churches and castles to shopping and dining we have traveled the world to bring you the best travel advice. Familiarize yourself with local culture through the eyes of our travel experts. We have also thrown in some exciting hidden gems we have uncovered along the way. You will also see information about the OROGOLD stores themselves, to assist you in finding a relaxing anti-aging experience in the city of your choice. Check our blog section often to read our ongoing series about the destinations we love and our travel tips. We encourage you to add your own tips or any other feedback you may have in the comment box. 


United States

CaliforniaLos Angeles
San Francisco
Northern California
Santa Barbara
Orange County
San Diego
Riverside County
Arcadia | Valencia | Glendale | Redondo Beach |
San Francisco
Sacramento | San Meteo I Roseville
Santa Barbara | Ventura
Irvine I Los Cerritos
Escondito | San Diego I National City
FloridaOrlando | Tampa | Key West
Hawaii Honolulu
Texas Dallas | Houston
New YorkNew York
Nevada Las Vegas
Pennsylvania Lancaster
Washington Seattle
U.S. Virgin Islands Saint Thomas
Virginia Lynnhaven Mall



Hong Kong


Manila | Makati | Newport | Mandaluyong








Barcelona | Madrid | Marbella
Middle EastOman
United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi
Puerto RicoSan Juan
OROGOLD Cosmetics Locations – ORO GOLD Reviews
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  1. Naheed Reply

    Like good to Use OROGOLD HAVE TO WIN

  2. Ayelet Mofar Reply

    dear Sir, i want to buy your Products,please let me know where i can buy them in Isreal?
    thank you

    • Oro Gold Cosmetics Team
      Oro Gold Cosmetics Team Reply

      Hello Ayelet. Unfortunately there are no stores in Israel at this time. To purchase products, visit our online store:

  3. àngela Reply

    Dear Sirs,
    I could buy products by online?, where I can see the list of services and products online?
    Thank you and regards,

  4. marian boll Reply

    This would be such a great prize to win for when my family and I go to London for the holidays!!!!!

  5. soni methai Reply

    My skin has been feeling soft after using the products for 2 weeks

  6. soni methai Reply

    Love the products skin feels soft

  7. Todd Hochman Reply


  8. christina kunze Reply

    Love how great your products make my skin so radiant and soft!

  9. Michelle Lofton Reply

    Can’t wait for a store to open in PA in the Philadelphia area…hint, hint!

  10. Marion marret Reply

    I would love to try some of the face creams. I have tried the hand cream and the scent was to strong fpr me.

  11. Donna Doyle Reply


  12. alexandra-elisabet dorofte Reply

    i would love to find your product also in romania

  13. Nikolina V Reply

    Will you be adding Croatia (Europe)?

  14. Kimberly Boldt Reply

    Would love to try these products!

  15. ELENA Reply

    Amazing products!

  16. Paula V Reply

    I’m in IN and no stores near me.

  17. Simona Dotsika Reply

    i wish i could try them on

  18. IreneN Reply

    Yours is a fantastic product and I would be thrilled to win your serum.

  19. Jasmina Reply

    Regards from Croatia. I hope I’ll win.:)

  20. Paula Reply

    Do you expect to open a store in Portugal soon? Thanks!

    • Oro Gold Cosmetics Team
      Oro Gold Cosmetics Team Reply

      Hi Paula,

      Thank you for your question. Although there are no plans to open a store in Portugal at this time, we are always adding new locations. For store opening announcements and other news about OROGOLD, follow us on social media. You can also purchase products online at Products are shipped worldwide.

  21. Christine White Reply

    You really are international! How about a store in Myrtle beach, SC

  22. m Reply


  23. Kyaw Sein Reply

    Orogold is best for my skin. its my favorite.

  24. Dina Eighties Reply

    would like to try the products

  25. Deborah Poulos Reply

    Would love to try this as I really need it around my eyes and forehead

  26. Sandra Watts Reply

    I have not tried it yet but I am really looking forward to after all the great reviews I have read.

  27. Petra Jadan Reply

    WOOOOO hooo I see there is a store in NY. And of course, it ha to be. NY is the city of the world. Thankssss

  28. Rhonda Harrison Reply

    I got the chance to win the Orogold 24k Eye Serum and i absolutely love it!!

  29. Anita Reply

    I don’t have a store near me,but I’m going to try to find it on line.

  30. Anita Reply

    Not a store in my area,

  31. Vanessa Reply

    Wow!! Im so impressed by your companies products and so very excited to try! My finances wont aloow room for purchase, although im entering the giveaway and crossing my fingers to win! Im quitting smoking and very excited to repair my skin! Ant suggestions as to where to start w that? Thanks for the opp to win!

  32. cristi andreea Reply

    Love the products

  33. Joannie Reply

    Going to Whistler. Will check it out. Would love to win.

  34. terra j sweeps Reply

    This looks like a great product… and it looks like a nice availability based on the many locations.

  35. Pam Fiore Reply

    This product line is true quality!

  36. Ilaria carraro Reply

    I ove these products

  37. Rose Reeder Reply

    As far as I can tell, there is no store in our state so would have to try online.

  38. Jan Reply

    going to the store today!

  39. Anastasiya Reply

    I want to try OROGOLD!

  40. natasha Reply

    would love to win this product

  41. ouida stokes Reply

    Orogold is the best products in the world. Try them

  42. Sandy Enerle Reply

    Sounds like a great product. I want to win it!

  43. Catherine Robichaud Reply

    Closest store about 3 hours away. Too bad. Online is good though

  44. Marlene V. (Enelram) Reply

    I live in Calgary, Alberta and my closest location is West Edmonton Mall

  45. Ivette Reply

    Love your store in the Florida Mall!

  46. Karin Shaim Reply

    your products look great! I really hope you’ll open stores worldwide 🙂

  47. Melanie F. Reply

    Yay! There’s one in my city!

  48. Angela Simmons Reply

    Never tried this product before I would love to try it out, you have an awesome collection

  49. Alex Charlton-Kral Reply

    Gotta check you out in Whistler

  50. Kathia Reply

    The reviews on this product are simply positive, I would so love it. If i could see how good this product really is.

  51. Mary Reply

    Love to try this.

  52. Darlene Wright Reply

    Would love to try! No stores in my area. Thanks for chance!

  53. barbara benton Reply

    I would absolutely love to try out this line… thanks for giving us this opportunity!!

  54. Angie Andrews Reply

    Glad to see a few locations nearby

  55. Dayna P Reply

    I think my mother would love these products.

  56. rhonda Reply

    Would love to try your kind!

  57. Taylor Russell Reply

    Glad to see there are multiple locations in SoCal!

  58. Terry Young Reply

    Although I haven’t tried it yet, I’d love to .

  59. Laura Paluoja Reply

    None in my country Estonia :/

  60. pam Reply

    would love to win!!

  61. Kimberly B Reply

    There isn’t a store close enough to me yet but online is ok with me!

  62. Sarah Noble Reply

    I would love to see a store in Montreal.

  63. Marissa Prizzi Reply


  64. Tina Jones Reply

    So excited to try this stuff out!

  65. Irene Newstead Reply

    This looks like a fantastic product. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  66. Anjali Ravindran Reply

    Come soon to India please

  67. Darla Peduzzi Reply

    Really looking forward to trying your products. They look amazing!

  68. Dave McCausland Reply

    awesome giveaway gl everyone 😀

  69. Nicole Carter Weasley Reply

    Awesome product! I am looking forward to trying it!

  70. Ann Reply

    What, there’s one in Brampton?! I have to check it out!!!

  71. Donna Reply

    Very interesting would love to win

  72. Sarah B. Reply

    I was excited to see my home Seattle on the list but when I clicked, found out the store is actually in Bellevue 🙁

    Really want to try your products!

  73. Diane Devine Reply

    From what I’ve read, would really like to try this product!

  74. Darlene Wright Reply

    Need some North Carolina Stores! Thanks for giveaways!

  75. hannah Reply

    Amazing product! Have been using Orogold for almost a year now. Great stuff!

  76. Darlene Wrightq Reply

    3 hrs from me!

  77. Karen Rosenick Reply

    I would love to try this product.

  78. gretchen luper Reply

    it’s a great thing that there are so many locations to buy this great product.

  79. tiffany Rotulo Reply

    After reading all the great reviews, I’m going to give Profile a try.

  80. Irene Newstead Reply

    It is so easy to find one of your outlets.

  81. Vixen Reply

    Visited the Los Cerrritos location today, can’t wait to go back for my facial 😀

  82. Lorna Patrick Reply

    I would love to try this!! No stores in my area

  83. Mary María Reply

    I saw the store in Barcelona!!

  84. Dana Reply

    AWESOME!!!!! So amazing!!!!! I actually was shocked and did not mind seeing myself in the mirror after trying the product. So amazing!!!!

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  86. Jennifer Herman Reply

    I haven’t tried it yet but I would like to.

  87. John Herman Reply

    I would like to try this product.

  88. Gabrielle Reply

    I wish there was a location near me. Maybe the next time I’m in L.A. I can visit one.

  89. Cathy Philipps Reply

    there are no stores near minnesota

  90. Betsy Reply

    I have not tried it because it is not available near me. I would love to try it though, and who knows I may drive the distance to get it if it works! 🙂

  91. yasmine Reply

    I hope I’ll win.

  92. Susan Broughton Reply

    I can’t get over how many locations that you have! Unfortunately, I don’t have one near me.

  93. Irina Stiles Reply

    Interesting new natural gold-based treatment.

  94. Darla Peduzzi Reply

    I tried samples of Orogold recently and was amazed at how wonderful my skin felt and looked after using them.

  95. Mary Songer Reply

    Boston here I come! I’ve got to get my girlfriends together and go!

  96. Janice Santillo Reply

    Great products. Would love to try more of them.

  97. Ellen Watkins Reply

    Love the product!

  98. Nicole Dz Reply

    It is nice to see stores worldwide. Love the products!

  99. Joanne Saunders Reply

    I am so happy that you have locations in Ontario, Canada.

  100. Carolyn Massey Reply

    I live in a small town in Indiana and don’t have any stores around.

  101. Susan Patterson Reply

    It is great to see that you have a location in Edmonton, Alberta – a 10 minute drive for me – thanks!

  102. Kathy Pierce Reply

    Would love to win and have a chance to try product!!!

  103. Ariel Abella Reply

    I am very happy because I am satisfied by using OROGOLD, a true Gold can found only after used, good job OROGOLD.

  104. Laura C Reply

    Didn’t have time to go to the store in Marbella this summer, but will definitely check out the London one soon. Until then, online it is…

  105. Elisse Reply

    Nothing even Close to southern West Virginia! 🙁

  106. Irene Newstead Reply

    It looks like there is no Orogold outlet in the Canadian prairie provinces.

  107. Rachel Beltz Reply

    Sad to see no Philadelphia! That’s a real surprise!

  108. Irina G. Reply

    Would love to see your stores in Ukraine!

  109. Samantha Tedesco Reply

    I wanna visit it

  110. Helena Reply

    Fantastic brand and products!

  111. Ria Alemina Reply

    I hope you consider Indonesia too for Asia

  112. Oksana V. Reply

    I am in Belarus

  113. Cassandra Lang Reply

    Love the store in Miami! Always visit to see whats new!

  114. Amanda Sakovitz Reply

    Would love to try your products

  115. marla king Reply

    I was hoping you had a store in Las Vegas.

    • Oro Gold Cosmetics Team
      Oro Gold Cosmetics Team Reply

      Hi Marla,

      We do have a store in Las Vegas! You’ll find it inside the Forum Shops of Caesar’s Palace Hotel on the strip.

  116. Georgene Reply

    Purchased several products from you Scottsdale, Az. salon. So far so good. Just a little confused on when & how to use some of the products. What I was told in the salon is different than what is on the packaging. Where do I find the correct way to use them, especially the Thermica line. Thanks.

    • Oro Gold Cosmetics Team
      Oro Gold Cosmetics Team Reply

      Hello Georgene,
      The product packaging includes very general instructions. Everyone’s skin and needs are different which is why our store staff likes to customize skin care routines for customers. The instructions for product use that are online will be very similar to those on the package. For more personalized attention you can consult the store staff or our customer service representatives would be happy to help you over the phone. You can reach them by calling 877-554-1777.
      Thank you,
      OROGOLD Stores Team

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  118. Marion Reply


    Last year the Orogold shop in Las Vegas was supossed to open in July but I cant find it in your Orogold location…

    Please help !


    • Oro Gold Cosmetics Team
      Oro Gold Cosmetics Team Reply

      Address: The Forum Shops, Caesar’s Palace Hotel, 3500 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
      Contact No: 702-836-9654
      Store Hours: 10.00AM – 00.00AM (Friday – Saturday).
      10.00AM – 11.00PM (Sunday – Thursday)

  119. maritza Reply

    I would like to know location of stores selling this products in Miami, Florida. I would prefer around area code 33138

    • Oro Gold Cosmetics Team
      Oro Gold Cosmetics Team Reply

      Hi Maritza,

      There is only one location in Miami, FL at this time:

      Address: Dadeland Mall, 7535 N Kendall Dr, Miami, FL 33156

      Contact No: 305-661-5523

      Store Hours: 10.00AM – 09.30PM (Monday – Saturday)

      12.00PM – 07.00PM (Sunday)

  120. Ruth Brasell Reply

    While on holiday in Singapore in June this year I was introduced to your great skin care range which I purchased the 24k multi vitamin deep peeling 100ml and the 24k vitamin c booster facial serum30ml. I need to purchase more of the serum and we were told I could do this on line easily. It would be great if we can purchase this from Sydney as we live in Brisbane QLD. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated as I want to continue to use this product on a regular basis as I have very dry skin. My mobile number is 0430655005. Thank you Ruth Brasell.

  121. Luci S Reply

    Is there future plans for Orogold to open a store in Melbourne, Australia?

  122. Runa Reply

    Do you not have stores in Rome or Milan or Paris? I would be visiting these cities over the next few weeks and I would to replenish my stock of the Booster Serum.
    Please confirm.

    • Oro Gold Cosmetics Team
      Oro Gold Cosmetics Team Reply

      Unfortunately, we do not have a location in any of those cities at this time. For an up to date listing of our stores, go to

  123. Laurie Vieth Reply

    I am looking for a product you sold me and I cannot find a store location. I am in Atlanta, Ga. How can I buy a product from you?
    Laurie Vieth

  124. Melli Sahm Reply

    When you come to Berlin ?
    Greatings from here

  125. Nicole Rivera Reply

    Do you ship to Puerto Rico?

      OROGOLD Reply

      Hi Nicole,

      Please click here for more details about our store in Puerto Rico. To order online, please click here.

      Thank you
      OROGOLD Cosmetics.

  126. Keiko Prichard Reply

    Would be nice to have a store in Vancouver, ty ‘-)

  127. Ann Kupka Reply

    Amazing products and great staff in your Malta store

  128. marjorie nixon Reply

    i love it

  129. Patricia Lang Reply

    Would love to try this

  130. kristi j servin Reply

    I would love to try a sample.

  131. Diane Owens Reply

    Glad to see a store close by. Santa Barbara is about 1 hour away.

  132. Wen-wen Wu Reply

    Would love to try this amazing product!

  133. Tai Reply

    hope to win this product!

  134. Kelly Johnson Reply

    I am interested and would like to know more.

  135. Layla Steelman Reply

    Love your skin care!

  136. Donyelle Page Reply

    Where is your corporate office located?

    • Michelle Leong
      Michelle Leong Reply

      ​Hi Donyelle,

      Our corporate office is located in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

      Thank you,

  137. Crystal Brown Reply

    Love this line

  138. JAnet Adams Reply

    Your products sound amazing

  139. Diana Reply

    would love to win any of your products!

  140. Joy Williams Reply

    Long time fan of OroGold. I’ve told so many of my friends of this wonderful product.
    I would love to win the contest and have even greater things to tell them about OroGold.

  141. Joyce McDaniel Reply

    So hoping to win your giveaway so I can try your products. Thank you for having it.

  142. Rebekah Shaw Reply

    please open a store in Brisbane Australia

  143. Monti Angela Reply

    I love gold

  144. Bev Sayers Reply

    I would love to enter your contest! Thankyou from Canada..

  145. jessie Reply

    Hope to win this great giveaway!

  146. Latonia Boudreau Reply

    Is this the same company that sells D’ OR 24K Luxury Skincare?

    • OROGOLDCosmetics
      OROGOLDCosmetics Reply

      ​Hi Latonia,

      Thank you for getting in touch. No, we are not affiliated with D’or 24K. ​

      Thank you,

  147. Michelle Viera Reply

    I absolutely love your products. The dark circle eye solution is magic!!!

  148. Lim Shiao Wen Reply

    Try the sample, the 24k Deep day moisturizer cream is good

  149. Brenda Eben Reply

    would like to try your stuff

  150. wen Reply

    I would love the product for my mature skin.

  151. Roberta Hynds Reply

    I love your products.

  152. Christine Harland Reply

    I first tried Oro Gold through the store in Boston and started with three products. I am surprised to find myself saying that the Oro Gold product has made a real difference, and I intend to continue to try a wider range. It’s worth it.

  153. Sharita Sewgobind Reply

    I use Orogold for 2 weeks now. I was in Mexico for holidays when I bought Orogold for first time.
    Orogold is an amazing good product. I would recommend everybody to try this product. If you do care for your skin use Orogold

  154. PJ Reply

    Love your product. My complexion has improved 100 percent in just 2 months. Please replace your neck firming product soon!

  155. Susan Beaudry Reply

    Is there a place in Canada that I can order this

    • OROGOLDCosmetics
      OROGOLDCosmetics Reply

      ​Hi Susan,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      You can see our list of OROGOLD stores in Canada here.

      Alternatively, you may also wish to order your products online at our online store.

      Thank you,

  156. Barbara Scott Reply

    Tried many. Never seen results like this before! My skin is absolutely amazing after 3 months using.
    Thank you!!!!

  157. Antoinette Kakhia Reply

    Can I find the brand in UAE.

    • OROGOLDCosmetics
      OROGOLDCosmetics Reply

      Hi Antoinette,

      Yes, you can. Our store is located at the Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi. You can find more information here.

      Thank you,