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OROGOLD Stores site was created to give our customers a better understanding of the culture and experience of visiting one of our stores. Each time someone steps into one of our locations we aim to establish a feeling of luxury inspired by gold. This site includes information about our stores around the world, news updates on Orogold happenings, a blog to keep you in the loop about everything related to the Orogold world, and background on our vision and culture.

We have a guide of locations in top tourist spots all over the world. Not only will you find an overview of a hot travel area but information about the Orogold stores located there. You will be able to see photos of the stores along with location and phone number details. Before traveling anywhere check our guide for an overview of the locale and make sure to check which store you can visit while there. While all Orogold stores have a unifying theme and visual aesthetic often different locations have unique features to them. For example, some of our stores have special VIP demonstration stations while others boast completely private rooms for facials and other treatments.

The blog covers exciting content centered on the Orogold Lifestyle. It includes customer experiences, information about new store openings, store reviews, and informative articles related to skin care and beauty. We are especially focused on bringing our readers news about anything related to Orogold stores – new locations opening, spotlights on stores all over the world, interviews with staff from around the globe, store reviews by experts, and any promotional deals being offered. We hope our readers will feel as though they are at one of our stores enjoying the experience. We are working hard to keep the blog updated with new and exciting information all the time. Check it often for exciting news about Orogold stores.

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The Orogold vision and store culture are integral components of our brand. Our vision is what we stand for and what we believe in as a company. Store culture as an essential piece of that. Orogold stands for a high end lifestyle experience that allows users the opportunity to capture the essence of pampered and well taken care of skin. All of our collections are intended to nourish and nurture a wide range of skin types and conditions. To this end all formulations are made up of the finest cosmetic ingredients and laced with gold.

The secret behind ORO GOLD Cosmetics is Pure Gold. Throughout history gold has been associated with the embodiment of perfection. It is thought of as a “noble metal” and is the center of a whole philosophical tradition known as alchemy. Throughout history across the world and across cultures people have aspired to turn base metals such as mercury into the profound object known as gold. The historical quest to acquire or create this precious commodity in any way possible inspired Orogold to offer this luxurious material to consumers. Oro Gold Cosmetics specially infuses each one of its products with 24K Gold. Pamper your skin with the luxury of pure gold for a timeless, flawless, youthful, and radiant appearance.

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In the meantime, the Orogold crew looks forward to seeing you at one of our many store locations throughout the world. Whether you come in for the experience or just for the products, we guarantee you will find yourself richer for the encounter.

OROGOLD Cosmetics is a luxury skin care and cosmetics company dedicated to using the finest ingredients. OROGOLD based the concept of their entire line of products on the ancient store of knowledge that Gold is a powerful mineral that has numerous health benefits when used in different applications. The topical application of Gold to the skin has long been touted as one of the primary beauty secrets of royalty and the wealthy in societies across different regions and periods of time. Cleopatra, the famed beauty of Ancient Egypt, was said to wear a mask of gold to bed every night for a complexion that glowed with health. The OROGOLD mission is to harness the powerful anti-aging properties of Gold to provide our loyal customers with a product beyond compare. OROGOLD also spends countless hours working to formulate the most potent products we can using the finest ingredients to supplement our signature gold formula.

OROGOLD Cosmetics has now grown to include over 12 collection, each designed to target and treat a variety and skin types and skin care concerns. From our Men’s collection, tailored to meet the shaving and skin care needs of our favorite fellows, to our Exclusive Nano collection, designed to pack a powerful anti- aging punch, there is truly a product for everyone. Even young people flock to OROGOLD because they know that prevention is the true key in making our products as effective as possible in their anti-aging capabilities.

OROGOLD Cosmetics has become a reputable and trusted name in the luxury skin care industry. We are dedicated to bringing the finest products in a one of a kind retail experience to our customers. Opening an OROGOLD retail location means you get to join a family of knowledgeable and dedicated Skin Care Specialists who have a product to offer everyone. Targeting today’s consumers, OROGOLD has created a line of products that is very appealing to people of all ages and from all different backgrounds. This is the movement that you could be a part of.

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  4. Bindu August 1, 2013 at 2:17 pm - Reply

    I don’t know much about your product. I got your day cream sample from my visit to Whistler. I am interested in your anti age products for removing age spots. Is it possible for you to recommend or send me few samples to try. Thanks!

    • ORO GOLD Reviews Team August 1, 2013 at 4:19 pm - Reply

      Hi There,
      Thank you for your interest in orogold cosmetics.
      Unfortunately we do not have samples of the products to send. we do however offer a full complimentary demonstration of oro gold products at any oro gold store.
      Please let us know where you live so we can direct you to your closest orogold cosmetics store.
      In addition we would like to know which product are you using at the moment.

      ORO GOLD

  5. Carolina Barnard September 17, 2013 at 1:37 am - Reply

    I have my first ORO GOLD experience in Sant Barbara, California. The sales clerks are handing out some samples, and I happen to get some. For curiosity, I went inside to check about the products. The people inside greeted me, offer some thing to drink and started to explain about the products. They tried the 24k deep feeling cream on my skin, and I was impressed with the result. Aside from its fragrant, it’s very soft on the skin. I was convinced right there and did not leave the store without buying the product. After a month, here I am, buying more of the ORO gold products. You will not regret about it. You worked hard, therefore you have to pamper your skin with high quality products like ORO Gold. You will look younger and fresher every day. ORO gold is the best.

  6. Armenia Ting October 5, 2013 at 1:53 am - Reply

    Hi! Last weekend, I was walking in Mission Viejo Mall and a lady from a kiosk handed me a sachet sample of 24K Moisturizing DAY Cream 3G.She was like trying to show me some of the products but I was in hurry. That was Sept 29 and today Friday I thought of using it and while applying it to my face, I can feel the hydrating effect since my skin is really dry and I am now using Estée Lauder and planning to buy Clinique hydrating lotion soon. I will continue using this sachet to the last drop and I’m excited to see a bigger result.I have drooping eyelids and I hope to try one of your eye creams.I lIve in Mission Viejo, do you have a store near my place ?Thank you so much.

  7. Lynn March 13, 2014 at 7:19 pm - Reply

    Oh I love the orogold that’s it…

  8. Ellen Tsang March 15, 2014 at 11:34 am - Reply

    I have very obvious dark circle around my eyes area and it has been disturbing me for years. I tried my eye creams, eye marks of different brands some are even of famous brand names but it didn’t work for me. I spent a lots for solving my dark circle including having special facial treatment on eye areas, taking Chinese herb medicine (because some Chinese doctors said it is caused by my weak kidney so that I have to take the herb to build up a strong kidney and in turn, to solve the dark circle problem). All the times, I used cosmetic to cover it to make it look less obvious.
    Last Friday, I visited OROGOLD shop in Central, Hong Kong and their staff Alki introduced me about the 24K intensive eye serum. Miraculously, it works for me very well. My dark circle disappeared just in two days time! I surf on the OROGOlD website and study their products and see how and why they work. I am confident in their product and they really show me the results. In the past, I tried many methods but some are of no result, some are of a little result but I can’t tell is it the result of the products. But for OROGOLD, I can tell the result are direct and fast and you can feel it. I will try to use their other products and to post more about my experience with the products. Thank you 🙂

  9. Debbie McFadyen March 16, 2014 at 7:09 am - Reply

    I’ve never tried your products. Would like to. Was wondering if I can get some prices on your creams and facial serum? I’m currently using platinum facial creams from la prairie.

  10. Kim Pineau May 9, 2014 at 8:45 pm - Reply

    I love oro gold

  11. yolanda margarita padilla May 11, 2014 at 10:37 pm