Touring North Fork Wineries & Vineyards

There are over 40 licensed wineries currently operating on Long Island, and, with a space of just 3000 acres for cultivation, the focus here is most definitely on quality rather than quantity. North Fork, a 30 mile long windswept peninsula between Long Island Sound and South...

North Texas Wine Country

Wine glass and grapes
The north of Texas is home to the highest concentration of wineries in the state, and, no matter where you may be in the north, you can be sure that you will never be too far away from a vineyard. The best way to explore the many wines and industry traditions that the region has...

Fancy Fall Picnic Ideas

Fall picnic table
A bright and crisp fall day is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a picnic before the chill of winter sets in, and offers cooler temperatures and fewer bugs than the summer months. However, rather than opting for plastic cutlery and hastily-prepared snacks, taking the time to put...

Canadian Wineries

While Canadian wines may not be as world-renowned as those from France or Italy, Canada’s landscape and soil make for an ideal wine growing environment. In recent years, international recognition of some of Canada’s fine wines have been growing, and, when it comes to...

Top Australian Vineyards

Many do not realize that grape vines are not native to Australia, and were in fact brought there by the British in 1788. Now, Australia produces some of the finest wines in the world, and a visit to one of these wineries is always a delight if you are in the country. With...

Where to Spend Happy Hour in Singapore

Ranked the sixth most expensive city in the world for beer, going out for a couple of drinks in Singapore can often end up becoming quite costly. Luckily, the city’s vast range of options when it comes to happy hour somewhat makes up for this, allowing you to enjoy an...