What’s New at the Dallas Arboretum

Woman at concert
Located in East Dallas, Texas, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanic Garden is home to 66 acres of incredible natural beauty, with its finely manicured displays making it a nationally recognized garden. For those who have not visited the Dallas Arboretum in a while, here are a few new...

Romantic Getaways: Florida

Couple on Beach
A state steeped in art and culture, and with miles of beautiful beaches complete with breathtaking sunsets, there is no denying the air of romance that surrounds Florida. For those planning romantic getaways to Florida, here are some of the key spots and activities that you will...

A Little Taste of Paradise

Blue Lagoon, Comino
The small island of Comino lies in the Mediterranean Sea between Malta and Gozo, and measures just 3.5 square kilometers. While its main attraction, the Blue Lagoon, is definitely worth seeing, the entire island is a serene slice of paradise that offers a breath of fresh air from...

Bahrain’s Tree of Life

Tree of Life in Bahrain
Referred to by many as the world’s loneliest tree, the Tree of Life is a majestic mesquite tree that stands alone in the heart of the desert in central Bahrain. While nobody may yet understand the mystery that lies behind the tree’s survival, it has become a...

Autumn in Central Park

Bow Bridge in Fall
With trees ranging from the Red Maple and American Elm to the Gingko and European Beech, it is no surprise that New York‘s Central Park is absolutely stunning in the fall. From the tranquil woodland just a stone’s throw away from Fifth Avenue to the universal...

Outdoor Adventures to Enjoy in Spain

Caminito del Ray
Spain is home to some stunning landscapes, and it only makes sense to make the most of this when visiting the country. From the only zip line in the world that crosses borders to the only desert in Europe, these are some unique outdoor adventures that only Spain can offer....

Georgian Bay Islands

Georgian Bay islands
Home to around 30,000 islands, 60 of which are encompassed in the Georgian Bay Islands National Park, the islands of Georgian Bay offer an experience like no other. The islands can only be reached by boat, and each contains a mix of the rocky landscape of the Canadian Shield as...

The Beauty of Russia’s National Parks

Stolby National Nature Reserve
Being the largest nation in the world, Russia’s landscape is incredibly diverse, covering everything from warm sandy beaches to frozen tundras to dense forests. With 48 national parks scattered throughout the country, a visit to at least a couple of these is a must if you...

The Scientific Center

A magnificent, sail-shaped building located in Salmiya, Kuwait, the Scientific Center focuses on environmental education for the entire gulf region. In addition to being home to the largest aquarium in the Middle East, the Scientific Center boasts a number of other fascinating...

Enjoying the Outdoors in San Mateo

San Mateo County
One of the earliest of San Francisco suburbs to be established, San Mateo is located about halfway between Palo Alto and San Francisco and enjoys quite a mild and pleasant climate. For this reason, San Mateo is a fantastic destination from which to take advantage of...