Berlin’s Museum Island

Set within the River Spree, the Berlin Museum Island is an incredible ensemble of five world-class museums right in the heart of the city. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999, here is a bit more information on each of the museums that you will find on Museum Island. The Altes...

Frisco’s National Video Game Museum

Child playing video game
The National Video Game Museum in Frisco opened its doors in April 2016, much to the delight of gamers all over Texas. The museum’s aim was to archive and preserve the history of the video game industry, but to do this in an interactive way that allows visitors to play...

Cheers: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

An American television sitcom that ran for eleven years between 1982 and 1993, Cheers is set in Boston, Massachusetts, in a bar that is also named Cheers. The bar on the television show was inspired by a historic landmark pub in a Boston neighborhood, which was founded in 1969,...

Western Australian Museum

Old Gaul, Western Australia Museum
The State Museum for Western Australia, the Western Australian Museum has six main sites around the state, with its Perth site remaining central to the museum’s identity. Over the years, a number of major exhibitions have been housed here, many of which draw in visitors in...

The Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress
The oldest building in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Peter and Paul Fortress, situated on Zayachy Island, not only served as the burial grounds for Russian emperors, but also as a former political prison for the country. One of the last few fortresses that is still standing from...