Visit These Fun Gulf Coast Beach Destinations

Couple at beach
With the purest of white sand and emerald blue waters, the Gulf Coast is home to some of the best beaches in the country. From Texas to Alabama, here are some destinations to consider if you are planning a beach vacation this year. Orange Beach, Alabama Located right in the south...

Romantic Getaways: Florida

Couple on Beach
A state steeped in art and culture, and with miles of beautiful beaches complete with breathtaking sunsets, there is no denying the air of romance that surrounds Florida. For those planning romantic getaways to Florida, here are some of the key spots and activities that you will...

Three Day Itinerary: Miami and Miami Beach

Downtown Miami
Miami and Miami Beach both have so much to offer, and being located just a thirty-minute drive apart, it is relatively easy to explore both in one trip, even if you are only in the area for three days. This itinerary assumes that you will be staying in Miami, but includes a full...

Three Day Itinerary: Orlando and Tampa

Orlando theme park
Orlando and Tampa are both popular vacation destinations within Florida, and being located just 85 miles apart, it is definitely possible to plan a visit to both, even if you only have three days to spare. This itinerary begins in Orlando, taking you around some of the...

Three Day Itinerary: Tampa and Miami Beach

Tampa Bay
Florida has so much to offer, and, even if you only have a few days to spare, it is still well worth visiting more than one destination. For those who are hoping to check out both Tampa as well as Miami Beach, this is a three-day itinerary, which begins in Tampa, that showcases...

Florida Heritage Book Festival

Book Festival in Spain
Held each year in St. Augustine, the Florida Heritage Book Festival celebrates the state’s rich literary heritage, bringing together those who have a love and passion for reading and writing. From fascinating talks by accomplished authors to sessions held specifically to...

Farmer’s Market at Lake Eola Park

Lake Eola Park
Hosted every Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm at Lake Eola Park, the Orlando Farmer’s Market is now in its 29th year, and only seems to get better and better as the years go on. The market was first started in 1987, and has grown substantially since then, adding a broad variety of...

Cape Canaveral

Cape Carneval
A city in Florida‘s Brevard County, Cape Canaveral is famous for being home to the Kennedy Space Center, the site from which American astronauts throughout history have been working to overcome the obstacles of space travel. In addition to being America’s launch pad,...

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach
Stretching 800 feet over the Atlantic Ocean, the world famous Cocoa Beach is just an hour’s drive from Orlando, with its convenient access making it one of the most popular beaches in the state. Cocoa Beach is home to a number of different restaurants, shops and...

Waterpark Daycations

Florida is home to dozens of different waterparks, and a large number of them are situated in Orlando. When it comes to choosing where to spend a precious daycation, Orlando’s water parks can’t be beaten, providing every experience under the sun, from a secluded...