Touring Malta in a Day

There is so much to see and do in Malta, but if you only have one day to tour the island, there are certain spots that you will definitely not want to miss. From the history of Valletta to the incredible natural beauty of the Blue Grotto, make sure that each of these places make...

Exploring Malta’s 7000 Year History

View of Valletta
Being located right in the center of the Mediterranean, Malta has an incredibly rich and colorful past. From Valletta to Gozo, here are some of the best spots to visit if you want to truly immerse yourself in exploring Malta’s 7000 year history. Valletta The capital city of...

Nightlife in Malta

Friends drinking
Malta’s nightlife scene has always been buzzing, but it still seems to be better and better each year. From open air nightclubs to sleek and stylish lounges, here are some of the highlights of the nightlife in Malta. Gianpula Village The largest open air complex on the...

The Magic of Bavaria

Famous for being one of the most beautiful, and versatile, regions of Germany, Bavaria is the most popular holiday state in the country, and makes for the perfect year-round travel destination. With everything from untouched Alpine scenery to fairy tale lakes and gurgling rivers...

Most Beautiful Castles in Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle
Sat regally atop mountain peaks with towers and turrets that seem to touch the clouds, there is no denying that German castles have a distinct fairy-tale-like quality to them. From Bavaria to Lichtenstein, these are some of the most beautiful castles in Germany. Burg Eltz,...

The Energy of Madrid

Cibeles Fountain
The capital city of Spain, Madrid manages to blend together a modern European edge with a rich historical charm, making it a city quite unlike any other. With this exciting mix of old and new, Madrid is packed with fascinating contrasts, giving the city a vibrant energy that...

Touring Düsseldorf, Germany

Bike rental in Dusseldorf, Germany
A fashionable and cosmopolitan German city situated along the Rhine River, Düsseldorf is one of the wealthiest cities in the country, and is filled with trendy shops, world-class museums and galleries, and a thriving nightlife scene. The entire region of Düsseldorf is divided...

Visiting Altstadt

Altstadt, Dusseldorf
A borough belonging to the German city of Düsseldorf, Altstadt, otherwise known as Old Town, only measures around half a square kilometer, but offers a sense of history, culture and beauty that no other Düsseldorf destination can compete with. With incredible architecture, major...

Italy’s Pontine Islands

Ponza, Italy
Often referred to as the Pearls of the Mediterranean, Italy’s Pontine Islands lie just a short distance south of Rome. While this cluster of five islands used to be home to a number of prisons, they are now considered to be somewhat of an island paradise, packed with sandy...

Europe By Train

Mountain train passing Matterhorn peak
Traveling by train is not only a great way to experience the true beauty of Europe, but it is also an extremely comfortable way to endure a journey, as European trains are known for being modern and spacious. A train trip through Europe gives you so much flexibility, and with so...