Places Where You Can “Live” the Caribbean Life

Couple snorkeling
Many people dream of moving to a tropical island and living the Caribbean life, but actually putting this plan into action can often be quite the challenge. The very first step in doing so is picking a destination that appeals to you, so here are a few places where you can really...

Best Destinations to Visit in 2017

Each year, certain destinations become travel hotspots, and this happens for a variety of different reasons. Whether due to a changing economy or relaxed travel restrictions, these are set to be some of the top destinations of 2017. Greece Greece has spent the past few years...

Family Friendly Island Vacation

St Thomas
St. Thomas is most definitely a family-friendly island, with a number of different sights and activities that cater to all ages. When it comes to accommodation, there are plenty of hotels and resorts to choose from, but, if you are traveling with your family, there are some that...

Most Exclusive Resorts Around the World

If what you’re after is peace, seclusion and the ultimate in decadence and luxury, then a stay at a high-end, exclusive resort should be on the cards. While there may be many to choose from, here are OROGOLD’s top picks of the most exclusive resorts around the world....

Where to Spend Happy Hour in Singapore

Ranked the sixth most expensive city in the world for beer, going out for a couple of drinks in Singapore can often end up becoming quite costly. Luckily, the city’s vast range of options when it comes to happy hour somewhat makes up for this, allowing you to enjoy an...

Best Caribbean Beaches

It is definitely not difficult to find a gorgeous beach in the Caribbean, but, with so many to choose from, it can make planning a Caribbean vacation slightly challenging. From secluded stretches of pristine white sand with nobody else in sight, to large, vibrant beaches that are...

Hotels with the Best Private Beaches

As much fun as it may be to mingle with the crowds on vacation, nothing beats the feeling of being able to enjoy a private beach, and the best way to do this is to stay at a hotel that has an exclusive beach just for its guests. OROGOLD brings you some fantastic hotels around the...

Amazing Underwater Hotels Around the World

Spending the night in a hotel room under the sea is no longer just a concept from sci-fi movies, with more and more underwater hotels and rooms being built around the world. OROGOLD brings you some of the most amazing underwater hotels around the world. The Manta Resort, Zanzibar...

Top May Travel Destinations – OROGOLD Reviews

May is an ideal month to travel, as not only does the lack of tourists lead to lower prices, but the warmer weather means that a beach destination is just as reasonable as a city or mountain location. From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, OROGOLD Cosmetics has gathered...