The Kuwait Skyline

A coastal oasis cradled in one of the most ancient corners of the world, Kuwait is home to a steadily rising population of around 3.5 million people, around half of which live in Kuwait City, the country’s capital. This is also where you will find the majority of Kuwait’s attractions, from the cultural to the historical.

Kuwait City is home to the iconic Kuwait Towers, which rise 187 meters up from the sand below, and has an observation deck with unparalleled views of the city. For those who want to check out some Islamic art, the ethnographic Tareq Rajab Museum, which has managed to stay intact in spite of the country’s unstable politics in the past, is definitely worth a visit. The museum miraculously survived Iraqi invasion thanks to the owners who covered up the entrance with old bricks and garbage.

With over 800 mosques in Kuwait City alone, the one to visit is the Grand Mosque, which is one of the tallest buildings in the world and can accommodate 10,000 people. It is possible to visit most of the mosques in the city, but OROGOLD reminds you to ensure that you are modestly dressed before trying to enter.

Kuwait is a land full of history and culture, and a great example of the result that comes from marrying Islam with oil wealth, but, when you need a break from learning about the country, there are plenty of other attractions to keep you busy. Entertainment City, located in the north of Kuwait in the Al Doha area, is considered by many to be the Disneyland of Kuwait. Sprawled out over an area measuring 1 million square meters, the park offers plenty of attractions for all ages. For more family fun, check out the largest aquarium in the Middle East at Kuwait’s Scientific Centre, located just south-east of Kuwait City.

For something more relaxing, spend a few days at Khiran Resort, located near the border of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. With beach-front chalets, fresh water and salt water swimming pools, a variety of restaurants, a game center, a spa and a yacht club, it is the ideal place for some rest and relaxation. Alternatively, you could head to Failaka Island, which is much less developed than Khiran Resort, but much more steeped in history.

Kuwait has plenty of great shopping areas, most of them located in Kuwait City. The Avenues is considered to be the best mall in the country, while the Souk Al-Mubarakiya gives you an authentic experience of a traditional Middle Eastern souk. There are many restaurants dotted around the city, although in more rural areas, expect to find mostly local venues. The local cuisine has been influenced by Persian, Mediterranean, Arabian and Indian traditions, with seafood being one of the main staples, and is a delicious fusion that must be tasted! Whether you are in Kuwait with family or with friends, the culture, history, and exciting attractions will no doubt keep you busy for your entire stay.

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