Things to Do in New York City in December

Ice skating in NYC
New York sparkles during the holiday season, making this the ideal time of year to pay the city a visit. For those who are trying to plan an itinerary, these are some of the top things to do in New York City in December. Ice Skating Ice skating season is in full swing in New York...

Enjoy a Walking Tour of New York Neighborhoods

TImes Square, New York
Each New York City neighborhood has its own distinct vibe, and exploring the area on foot is the best way to experience this. From historic Harlem to the gory past of Little Italy, these are some of New York City’s best walking tours. Gangster Walking Tour, Little Italy...

Summer in Sydney

Many would consider the summer months to be the time of the year when Sydney is at its finest, and it is certainly true that the city seems to really sparkle between December and February. In addition to its stunning ocean coastline, which features numerous beaches and harbors,...

Best Destinations to Visit in 2017

Each year, certain destinations become travel hotspots, and this happens for a variety of different reasons. Whether due to a changing economy or relaxed travel restrictions, these are set to be some of the top destinations of 2017. Greece Greece has spent the past few years...

Explore the Yucatan Peninsula

Cenote Samula, Mexico
The Yucatan Peninsula is a beautifully distinct part of Mexico, because until the 1960’s, when road and rail networks were finally established, the region had more contact with Europe than it did with Mexico. Home to everything from beaches and wildlife to historic Mayan...

A Little Taste of Paradise

Blue Lagoon, Comino
The small island of Comino lies in the Mediterranean Sea between Malta and Gozo, and measures just 3.5 square kilometers. While its main attraction, the Blue Lagoon, is definitely worth seeing, the entire island is a serene slice of paradise that offers a breath of fresh air from...

A Walk Through the Mestizo District

The City of Vigan
Located in the city of Vigan on the west coast of Luzon island, the historic Mestizo District, also known as Calle Crisologo, stands out for the way in which it manages to beautifully merge Chinese and Spanish aesthetics. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, taking a walk...

The Rice Terraces of the Philippines

Rice Terraces of the Philippines
The Philippine mountains of Ifugao are famous for being home to rice terraces that were carved into the mountainside over 2000 years ago, by ancestors of the indigenous people. While there are many rice terraces to be found around the Philippines, the Banaue Rice Terraces are...

The Giant Lantern Festival

Lantern festival
An annual celebration in the Philippine city of San Fernando, the Giant Lantern Festival is held on the Saturday before Christmas Eve, meaning that it falls on the 19th of December this year. As you would expect from the name of the festival, the event features massive lanterns...