Best Breakfasts in Singapore

January 23, 2016


With an eclectic mix of authentic local food courts and the finest high end restaurants, Singapore is known for its thriving foodie scene, making just about every meal that you have in the city a memorable one. When it comes to the most important meal of the day, there is so much variety to choose from, which is why OROGOLD has taken a look through all of them and picked out some of the best breakfasts in Singapore that we are sure that you will enjoy.

Artichoke Café & Bar
Artichoke Café & Bar can be found at the junction between Waterloo Street and Middle Road, and is a restaurant that places a huge emphasis on communal dining. Their menu features a variety of family-style shared plates, putting a fun and unique twist on breakfast. From the maple glazed bacon chop to the eggs shakshouka, the dishes take inspiration from all over the world, but the dish to order if you’re really feeling ravenous is the Self Destruction – a full breakfast with just about everything. The outdoor dining area is a great place to relax with your breakfast, but OROGOLD recommends dining early in the morning, before the heat of Singapore becomes too hot to handle.

The Plain
Situated on Craig Road, The Plain is a small and cozy café that, although may be relatively hidden and hard to find, has a strong following of loyal customers, and it is easy to see why. The service is always warm and friendly, immediately making you feel right at home, and the Genovese coffee served up is some of the best that you will find in Singapore. The Plain offers an all-day breakfast, and although the dishes may be quite simple, from poached eggs to organic oats, they always taste absolutely exquisite, and give you a fantastic start to the day.

Arbite has been open for just over five years now, and is another café that serves up an all-day breakfast. For those of you who are after classic breakfast dishes with a unique Asian twist, Arbite is the eatery that OROGOLD would most recommend. From the Liu Sha French Toast featuring a matcha soaked brioche with a salted egg custard, to the crumpets and bacon, each dish has been so thoughtfully created, and it clearly shows.

Baker & Cook
Opened by Dean Brettschneider, a celebrity baker and chef from New Zealand, Baker & Cook’s main focus is on handmade artisan baked goods, from their pastries to their tarts to their sweet buns. However, they do also serve a range of delicious hot dishes, from Eggs Benedict served with crispy bacon to the Spanish Omelette with a kick of chilli to the Stack of Pancakes served with caramelized apples and a homemade toffee sauce. OROGOLD loves how Baker & Cook also sell a variety of homemade items, such as jams, chutneys and cookies.

Singapore is known to be an amazing destination for food lovers, making it no surprise that it is easy to find a spectacular breakfast in the city. Since many restaurants and cafés serve their breakfast dishes throughout the day, you will be able to enjoy a delicious ‘morning’ meal no matter what time it may be.

Best Breakfasts in Singapore
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