Grand Canyon

It’s difficult to quantify Arizona’s significance in the American imagination. The Grand Canyon serves as a natural symbol of the USA’s emphasis on bigger-is-better greatness. 400 miles of the all-American highway Route 66 passed through the deserts, pines, and mountains of Arizona’s northern half, and peculiar relics remain along the current route. And the iconic, towering buttes of Monument Valley instantly call to mind the indelible role of classic Western films in exporting American identity to the world.

Don’t care to rough it on a road trip through remote deserts, or just need to soften the impact? Arizona has luxury covered. Sedona, Phoenix, and Tuscon all offer the best in high-end accommodations, including ample resort and spa options. Sedona handles the serene side of things, situated amongst picturesque canyons and gorges in an environment still arid but thrumming with the life of ample vegetation. The versatility of Sedona’s singular beauty made it a useful location for dozens of film settings from the early days of Hollywood filmmaking through to the 1970s. Sunsets taking place with a foreground of breathtaking red cliff formations like Cathedral Rock have contributed to Sedona’s reputation as a New Age spiritual mecca. Whether you’re looking for deeper significance or just a salve for the stress of earthly affairs, Sedona’s sure to satisfy.

Passionate golfers will find a true home in Phoenix, with its hundreds of courses and perpetually perfect weather. Those who insist on a diversity of options and caliber of luxury won’t be disappointed by the Southwest’s biggest metropolis. Outdoorsy types can spend their days mountain biking over desert peaks or hiking amid striking, tall-standing saguaro cacti. Adventurers of the mind will find their bliss at Phoenix’s museums of art, history, and American Indian culture, its botanical garden, opera, and symphony. Everybody could use a few hours (or days) at one of the unlimited range of spas dotting Phoenix, particularly in areas like Scottsdale.

Staking out the middle ground between hippiefied Sedona and ultramodern Phoenix is half-million-strong Tucson. As culturally exciting as anywhere in the entire Southwest, Tucson boasts millennia of cultural and social history. The unmistakable presence of the University of Arizona helps maintain a compelling intellectual and cultural vibrancy. Tucson has a strong showing in the luxury spa/resort and outdoor activities realms, as well. Saguaro National Park and the surrounding desert and forests provide for hours of recreation. There’s also no shortage of excellent golf courses and the requisite sunshine.

Those seeking solace from heat, sun, and the harsh dryness of Arizona’s vast deserts can find it in Flagstaff, nestled in the pines of the high-altitude Colorado Plateau. Snowfall is nothing unusual here, and there’s shade for those who miss it in the desert. Of course, if Flagstaff’s only appeal were that it’s a sufficiently startling change from Arizona’s dusty plains and buttes, it would be little more than a refreshing pit stop. Instead, this little city offers up a sophisticated academic and cultural atmosphere, unique outdoors diversions, museums highlighting the area’s history, and Native American ruins just outside of town. The whole Flagstaff experience is a perfect geologic preview and jumping-off point for the Grand Canyon.



Glendale sign

The city of Glendale lies a few miles from downtown Phoenix, and is home to several significant sports venues for Phoenix teams. Glendale has become increasingly popular as a shopping destination for upscale residents and visitors of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Spearheading the maturation of Glendale’s designs on luxury is the Arrowhead Towne Center, a large shopping mall of over 100 stores and a must-visit for upscale Phoenix shoppers. OROGOLD’s Glendale location can be found at Arrowhead, a fitting venue for its luxurious offerings.

Glendale’s other identity is that of “Arizona’s Antique Capital.” Those seeking old trinkets and historical artifacts can find what they’re looking for in the city’s quaint, walkable historic district, which also plays host to several charming festivals annually. The district is recognized for its significant concentration of structures that played roles in this desert city’s early 20th century beginnings, including a beet factory and the homes of early residents.

A visit to Glendale, of course, is as good as a visit to Phoenix, with all of the diverse opportunities the wider metropolis has to offer. Upscale travelers can combine their shopping in Glendale with a high-end spa treatment in Scottsdale or unique museums in downtown Phoenix.

Arrowhead Towne Center
7700 W. Arrowhead Towne Center
Glendale, AZ 85308


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