Angelika A from New York, NY

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As a makeup artist I use my tools to cover people’s flaws and trick the eye into believing different things. I employ many different techniques on my clients to enhance their natural beauty. Sometimes I even transform people so much that they are almost unrecognizable. I trust in my skills to make people look beautiful. My passion for making other people look amazing started with experimenting on myself. I have invested in makeup brushes, tools, high end cosmetics products, and learning many tips and tricks. I know these things works when it comes to making people look good. WITH THAT BEING SAID… I am AMAZED by Orogold products. Who on earth knew that I would one day feel so comfortable, no PROUD, of my skin that I would feel like I don’t need makeup?!? This self-professed makeup junkie now loves leaving the house with not a drop of makeup on. Honestly, sometimes I feel like going up to strangers on the street just to tell them I have no concealer on, or foundation, or BB cream, or anything! I just can’t stop raving about this brand to friends and family. Seriously people are starting to get sick of listening to me :-/ Love Orogold!!





Angelika A from New York, NY
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